My banner

As an experiment I thought that I’d try and insert a ‘header’ (banner) to my posts, all it is, is a picture suitably cropped and sized to fit the job. I must admit, that so far I’m quite happy with it, it distinguishes my posts from the rest and perhaps it’s something that you may consider.

The Dolphins

They represent Algoa Bay, our little niche on the southern tip of Africa which has a diversity of life which is a joy to behold, every day of my life I make a point of driving along a road which has a view of the bay, our bay is rich in marine life, something for which I will be eternally grateful.

The penguins

The largest colony of African penguins nest in our bay on more than one occasion I’ve picked uo a straggler on a beach and handed it over to our local conservation guys.


What can I say, Jeffreys Bay is considered the home of the perfect wave, one of the seven ‘must surf’ waves in the world. It breaks from right to left (as we are looking at it) it’s continuous, you can ride it for almost a kilometer and a half, it’s a national treasure

Billabong sponsor one of the world events here every year!

The Elephants

Synonymous with the Eastern Cape, I have written extensively elsewhere about Addo. The only national reserve in the world which offers the big 5 in a malaria free environment. It’s a part of the world which I love to travel, thousands and thousands of hectares of bush. (The parks board have successfully laid claim to parts of Algoa Bay and now offer the ‘big seven‘ (Great White shark and Southern Right Whale!)

Sir Rufane Donkin

The stone pyramid and lighthouse are a monument to Sir Rufane Donkin who was the Govenor of the Cape, when in 1820 it was decided to settle the easternΒ  frontier of the Cape colony with British farmers and tradesmen.

The settlement in Algoa Bay was named Port Elizabeth, in memory of his wife who had died in India.

A sad story, I believe that ‘Elizabeth’ never set foot here in the town that bears her name.

The Giraffe

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what a giraffe is doing on a pictoral of this region, I couldn’t care, I nicked the banner anyway!

I think it looks cool and without our grrrrravatars appearing with our posts the banner is perhaps a unique way to personalize our pages.

What do you think?

(By the way I like it and don’t actually care what you think but thought that I’d ask, just to be polite.)

17 thoughts on “My banner”

  1. You know I love the area too Soutie after our visit last Christmas.

    Love the banner. A good idea.
    (One thing though: the game reserve we visited was Kareiga and they claim the big five in a malaria free area too. )

  2. Hello Pseu, I’m well aware that Kariega is ‘malaria free’ as is Shamwari, Pumba and numerous others. Addo is the only National park on the continent to be ‘malaria free’

    I’ll have to look it up but at a guess Addo is probably 100 times larger then the rest put together, a massive operation!

    Over 200 elephants (just for starters)

  3. Oh Pseu, it wasn’t an admonishment you’re embarrassing me 😳

    Perhaps my reply was a little short (sorry 😦 )

    I’ve used the banner once before and thought that I’d explain it to preempt the 20 questions each time I blog.

    I like it, it sets my post off from the rest, our (gr)avatars don’t appear on the home page, that’s why I asked for opinions, thanks for yours1

  4. I’d like to find one that represents my area in such style! But I doubt I will.
    (I didn’t take it as an admonishment!)

  5. Interesting, Soutie. The read *and* the banner.

    How do they keep it malaria-free…or is it a matter of the environment not being attractive to mosquitos?

  6. Great stuff, Soutie. If I can find the time, I’m determined to create one myself, but there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day! πŸ˜€

  7. Marinaid

    We have mosquitoes here, as does the rest of South Africa ‘our’ ones don’t carry the malaria virus.

    I’m surprised that they consider most of South Africa ‘low risk’, I would have thought that it would be ‘nil risk’

    I know that others on here have spent a lot of time north of our borders, perhaps they will be able to explain further.

    More info.

  8. Ha ha πŸ™‚

    ‘Love it’, ‘great stuff’, ‘smart arse’, ‘great idea’, ‘good job’ and I actually ‘inspired’ Ferret!

  9. Clever stuff, Soutie. Bur should you really inspire Furry like that? No telling what might emerge……

  10. Hey Hugh,

    I’ll have both of you know, I have been known to dabble with the arty farty on occasion.

    My gast has never been so flabbered! 😯

    Smiley fixed for Ferret

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