10 thoughts on “Test”

  1. Hello Soutie: Thought I’d try this site for a while. I have set up an account but have not got as far as having being deemed “Author” yet, maybe tomorrow??

  2. I changed my name, Soutie, but didn’t know if it would cause any problems. Apparently not. Thanks.

  3. Hello Low Wattage: we need Bearsy to wake up and then you can blog! I think it is about 7.40am over there, so should be OK soon.

  4. Authorship depends on Username (the one that can’t be changed).
    Display name (nickname, first name, surname or username) can be varied whenever you like.

    E-mail address can be changed, too, without affecting rights.

  5. Hello Ara: he has doen so, I think, now if I can just figure out how to get started with a blog???

  6. Morning all

    Paul is having a problem getting his sculpture blog displayed, which is why I tried this, he obviously has an incorrect setting somewhere (draft possibly?)

    Your new name doesn’t filter through to existing comments.

  7. At the top of this page it says new post, so try clicking on that, and then have a play. My first attempt was pathetic but it’s all very new. It is a darn sight more user friendly than MyT though 😉

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