FIFA 2010 – 2 million tickets sold

There are approximately 3million tickets on offer for this years Football World Cup to be held in South Africa during June and July.

Having already sold two thirds of them must surely be a feather in the cap for the organisers. I of course have applied for 14 of them

Our new World Cup stadium

The naysayers are being proved wrong at every turn, the stadiums wouldn’t be ready, it’s a long haul destination ¹, it will be winter ², altitude and so on.

Sales this last 2 months have been as follows

S.A. ( 958,381), USA (50,217), UK(41,529),  Australia (15,523), Mexico (14,804), Germany (14,647) and Brazil (10,767).

note¹ The next world cup is in Brazil

note² We get to watch the English, Spanish and Italian league games here, have you seen the weather that they have been playing in lately?

15 thoughts on “FIFA 2010 – 2 million tickets sold”

  1. Morning Soutie: so when will you know if your application for tickets has been successful?

  2. Hello Ara

    They will be advising applicants on the 1st of Feb (or during the 1st 3 days of Feb.) I’m hoping that I’ll get 2 tickets per match, I would of course prefer more for the England game (I applied for 8)

    I think that they have given themselves the extra 3 days as an insurance against a computer malfunction or some other glitch.

  3. I never doubted SA would be ready for one second.

    I did doubt the obvious marketing ploy last week about not enough tickets being sold and shortages of flights. What a stinking pile of guano that one was.

    I hope you get the tickets you have asked for. There was a brit contractor on the news last week telling us how he had secured tickets for every England game at a cost of well over 2000 notes. It seems we are in absolutely no fears of global recession when the workers have that kind of cash to through away on a game.

  4. Howzit Ferret


    The distances here are probably greater than most Europeans are used, Jhb-Cape Town is over km 1,200, Jhb-here just on a thousand kilos. The internal travel costs also have to be factored in.

    Here’s the trip for an England supporter

    Scenario 1 (win the group)
    Rustenburg , Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, Jhb, Cape Town, Jhb

    Scenario 2 (group runner up)
    Rustenburg , Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Jhb

    It’s a heck of a lot of traveling.

  5. Thanks Soutie,

    Thats what I don’t get. Why not just watch the games here at home on the big screen without all the hassle and expense?

  6. SA hospitality? I remember Brazilian hospitality Soutie. Fine as long as you stay on the Copa Cobana and in numbers. One street back from the shore or get caught alone and you will be killed for the shoes on your feet.

    There will be plenty of atmos here in the bars chum and it won’t cost (m)any lives or wadges of cash to participate.

  7. You comparison is probably a fair one. Mind you I recall getting off a train @ Victoria station, Manchester and walking into thousands of Man City fans ‘celebrating’ their sides promotion, be about may 2000 I think.

    We have however just last year entertained over 45,000 traveling British Lions rugby supporters and of course thousands more English cricket fans (including the Barmy Army) without a serious incident that I can recall.

    Best advice I can give a visitor is ‘ask a local.’

  8. Yeah I know what you are saying Soutie,

    It takes a special kind of stupid to be an England footy suporter, the arrogance alone will be enough to get them in severe bother.

    I just hope none of your people get caught in the crossfire, and none of the bleedin heart eejits back here think that the rest of us give a monkies about some plonker football hooligan who went looking for trouble.

  9. Evening Janus

    I’m Afraid that nobody else got a mention, hard to believe that supporters in Spain (the favourites), Italy (the holders), France and others have bought less than 10,000 tickets each.

    FIFA press releaseHERE

  10. Soutie, maybe it’s a language thing. The English-speaking fans probably expect to feel at home in SA. That’s more difficult for the others.

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