They’ve started, (handy link to the official schedule here) there can only be one winner, so, what are you going to say if your team isn’t victorious?

Don’t worry, Alex Bowden over on ESPN’s Crickinfo has a list of ready made excuses for us.

Here they are…

They just weren’t tough enough. It’s not like the old days. This team just isn’t hard-nosed, aggressive or Australian enough. They don’t need to be any more talented. They just need to be angrier. Bring back Lillee and Thommo.

It was almost certainly the IPL. Not enough players are appearing in it and too many players want to appear in it. Secondly, Continue reading “ICC T20”

India v S.A.

“400+ bring back Alan Donald” was the text I received from a rooinek presently holidaying here, India were on 2 hundred and plenty and seemed heading that way.

As India lost their 2nd wicket Tim the fisherman declared “they won’t make 300”

India v S.A. worm

I thought that members would be interested in this site (ESPN cricinfo) where you can find cool statistics including worms, hawkeye, wagon wheels etc. Continue reading “India v S.A.”

World Cup stats

There have been 18 (Football) World Cups so far … South America (Brazil 5, Uruguay 2, Argentina 2) and Europe (Italy 4, Germany 3, England, France) have won 9 each.

Ten tournaments have been held in Europe, four in South America, three in North America and one in Asia. No European team has won the World Cup outside Europe, but Brazil have won on four continents. Of the 24 nations to reach the semifinals, only two have been from outside Europe and South America.

It’s not easy to join the club of World Cup winners … before France in 1998 the previous first-timers were Argentina (1978) and England (1966). All seven previous winners are in the South Africa tournament, and it’s very likely that one of them will win again.

If there is to be a new name on the trophy, it will probably be Spain (the European champions) or The Netherlands. Countries with an outside chance are Serbia, Portugal, Ivory Coast and Ghana. The rest are making up the numbers. 🙂