Emerald Germs of Ireland

Last night my wife and I went to see Emerald Germs of Ireland, a play by the well-known Irish writer Pat McCabe, in the Ramor Theatre in Virginia. We’re very lucky that our small local theatre gets to host a lot of exceptional drama (including McCabe’s earlier The Dead School) – a world premiere in this instance. Continue reading “Emerald Germs of Ireland”

Blogger anagrams

Each of the following comprises the jumbled names of three DnMyT bloggers, all of whom use the site quite a lot. Who are they?

1. On maniac’s objective death knell (isobelandcat, levent, john mackie – got by jaime)
2. A semidecay to a barbarian (bearsy, araminta, boadicea – got by jaime)
3. Booze and neat revulsion (valzone, soutie, brendano – got by zenrules)
4. Ingenuous, saner haze appeal
(papaguinea, sheona, zenrules – got by pseu)
5. A greatest powerful wet (low wattage, ferret, pseu – got by low wattage)

NB I am not suggesting that anyone is an alcoholic, a barbarian or a maniac (I got in trouble with anagrams once before 🙂 .)

Blair Peach RIP

Blair Peach is in the news this week … it was confirmed that the police almost certainly killed him in April 1979 while he was demonstrating against the National Front. I remember him from posters around London when I first lived there, soon after his death, and from Linton Kwesi Johnson’s tribute (below). This piece was written by his nephew. Continue reading “Blair Peach RIP”

Three coffee songs

Here are three songs with ‘coffee’ in the title. The first is a Bob Dylan one, ‘One More Cup of Coffee’, from the Mexican-flavoured Desire album, released in the mid-seventies during his second creative peak. Bizarrely, the Dylan version isn’t available on YouTube, but this one by the White Stripes is pretty good … it doesn’t have Scarlet Rivera’s violin or Emmylou’s harmonies, but it retains a touch of Mexican mystery. Continue reading “Three coffee songs”

World Cup stats

There have been 18 (Football) World Cups so far … South America (Brazil 5, Uruguay 2, Argentina 2) and Europe (Italy 4, Germany 3, England, France) have won 9 each.

Ten tournaments have been held in Europe, four in South America, three in North America and one in Asia. No European team has won the World Cup outside Europe, but Brazil have won on four continents. Of the 24 nations to reach the semifinals, only two have been from outside Europe and South America.

It’s not easy to join the club of World Cup winners … before France in 1998 the previous first-timers were Argentina (1978) and England (1966). All seven previous winners are in the South Africa tournament, and it’s very likely that one of them will win again.

If there is to be a new name on the trophy, it will probably be Spain (the European champions) or The Netherlands. Countries with an outside chance are Serbia, Portugal, Ivory Coast and Ghana. The rest are making up the numbers. 🙂

Can a state commit acts of terrorism?

[Page references here are to Psychology of Terrorism, edited by Victoroff & Kruglanski.]

Yesterday Bravo22c posted a lengthy diatribe based partly on (assumptions he made about) a question I asked him some weeks ago: the question (as I recall it; he immediately deleted it) was ‘In your opinion, has the Russian state committed acts of terrorism against Chechen civilians?’

Continue reading “Can a state commit acts of terrorism?”

Obama and nuclear weapons

The proliferation of nuclear weapons is probably the most serious issue facing the world, with the potential for unimaginably horrific destruction and impairment of life. An American President is making progress, despite the inevitable setbacks, in the difficult and painstaking process of trying to stop proliferation and, ultimately, rid the world of the curse of nuclear weapons altogether.

Naturally, Obama’s critics and begrudgers are silent on the matter.