India v S.A.

“400+ bring back Alan Donald” was the text I received from a rooinek presently holidaying here, India were on 2 hundred and plenty and seemed heading that way.

As India lost their 2nd wicket Tim the fisherman declared “they won’t make 300”

India v S.A. worm

I thought that members would be interested in this site (ESPN cricinfo) where you can find cool statistics including worms, hawkeye, wagon wheels etc. Here’s the SA batting wagon wheel, each and every run on it has a detailed description, as you can see I’ve highlighted Robin Petersen’s superb 6 in the final over.

Robin Petersen's 6

You can filter all the data by team or player, cool or what? 😎

I had sent the rooinek a simple one word text @ 16:44 gmt the day before which simply said “Howzat”

3 thoughts on “India v S.A.”

  1. Been using cricinfo for yonks, thanks, although the ABC site has caught up recently and now provides the same analyses.

    It was a great match – well done SA.

    How about England’s loss? Wasn’t Strauss sore about it, whinging about his wet balls? If Swan can’t handle them, tough!

    Ladies, there is nothing rude in the last sentence, even if there seems to be. πŸ˜€

  2. I switched off after Kallis was out thinking SA would never make it! Silly me – well done SA. Not chokers after all!
    Amazing what stats you can get these days – I wonder how many people per match are required to keep account of them all. Long gone are the days of a chap in a deck chair with a oblong book and a sharp pen!

    Looks like Australia are heading for another easy win against Kenya and NZ the same against Canada. Glad there are some close games – India and SA did the World Cup proud.

    As for the poms – well – they’re clearly tired after their Ashes victory πŸ™‚

    Poor performance England – how did we beat the aussies on their home soil? They won’t go any further – they’ll lose to the WI and quite frankly, they don’t deserve to progress.

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