World Cup stats

There have been 18 (Football) World Cups so far … South America (Brazil 5, Uruguay 2, Argentina 2) and Europe (Italy 4, Germany 3, England, France) have won 9 each.

Ten tournaments have been held in Europe, four in South America, three in North America and one in Asia. No European team has won the World Cup outside Europe, but Brazil have won on four continents. Of the 24 nations to reach the semifinals, only two have been from outside Europe and South America.

It’s not easy to join the club of World Cup winners … before France in 1998 the previous first-timers were Argentina (1978) and England (1966). All seven previous winners are in the South Africa tournament, and it’s very likely that one of them will win again.

If there is to be a new name on the trophy, it will probably be Spain (the European champions) or The Netherlands. Countries with an outside chance are Serbia, Portugal, Ivory Coast and Ghana. The rest are making up the numbers. πŸ™‚

Author: Brendano

I am a 54-year-old freelance editor living in rural Ireland with my wife, Pauline; our 21-year-old daughter, Susanna (when she’s not away at university); and two terriers. Our son, Sean, died suddenly on 17 October 2010, aged 19.

16 thoughts on “World Cup stats”

  1. Spain could do it though they may succomb to the pressure of being a favourite. Maybe a German revival is due. England will fail again due to a lack of technique. France will die in the first round due to a hopeless coach.

  2. moo, it really ought to be between Spain, Brazil and Italy, and possibly Argentina, depending on how flakey Maradona may be as coach. Germany have gone further than they should have in the last couple of World Cups, and have a mediocre squad again. I can’t see France or England going all the way. I hope Torres will be fit.

    Kate, soon you won’t be able to escape from it. πŸ™‚

  3. Brendano
    Thanks for the heads up. I’m with Cornish Kate though, the game bores me witless now. Never used to, when I played in my youth I took a keen interest but all I see now is an overpaid bunch of diving, histrionic tarts. But a lot of people I know love the game and good luck to them, I fear the game as it is now has to change from the roots up otherwise it will just get to silly for words.

  4. Thanks, OMG. It’s hard to argue with ‘an overpaid bunch of diving, histrionic tarts’, but somehow I still like it.

    A good rugby match is better, though.

  5. It’s all about hope Brendano, who cares?

    Wimbledon, The (US) Masters, I could go on. The F.A. Cup?

    Who cares?

    We have a massive advertising campaign on at the moment “I was there” as you know, I’ll be there. It’s critical that we allow sportsmen and women to reach pinnacles in their careers.

    Sure there’s only been a handful of winners, (why do Ireland keep entering RWC :))

    Sport at any level is about participating, whether as a player or making the sandwiches (I believe Ara makes a mean sandwich!)

  6. Of course you’re right, Soutie. I wish we were there, and I’ll be shouting for the underdog (mostly).

    Ireland will win the RWC next year (you heard it here first). πŸ˜‰

  7. I just hope and pray that the recent massive train crash isn’t a sign of things to come. Life is valued a little more than it is in S Africa. My husband and his friend were recently inundated with numerous offers of adverts on web sites offering accommodation for thousands of pounds. Beware of confidence tricksters.

  8. Katy? “massive train crash” do you have a link? 2 hostesses died on the Rovos train, a tragedy due to negligence, I believe.

    Anybody that books anything through unsolicited e-mails and gets ripped off deserves it.

    Have I mentioned my Uncle in Nigeria who is an heir to millions of dollars in Shell stock options?

  9. I get caught up in the patriotic side of things with the best of them. OMG is so right about the overpaid twits who inhabit this sport though and I am with Brendano on the rugby matches, much more prefable, but for me has nothing to do with rugby players thighs and bottoms….. πŸ˜‰


  10. I have heard that South africa is the murder capital of the world Soutie. My husband does not deserve to be ripped off or killed simply because he is following a football competition. In fact no one deserves to be ‘ripped off’.
    The train crash caused great concern in my town as a few local youngsters are heading that way.

  11. Please look on the gumtree web site Soutie for examples of people advertising accommodation in South Africa.
    Most of them are fake. Oh please God,I hope my husband will be safe.

  12. katykatapodis :

    I have heard that South africa is the murder capital of the world Soutie.

    Katy, if you’re going to write generalizations such as this you are going to have to start substantiating them.

    I asked you for a link to the “massive train crash”

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, we probably are right up there (probably in front) with the rest on murder statistics and rape and car hijacking and armed robbery, I’ll make no excuses for what happens, life ain’t fair down here but we don’t whinge about it, we move on and do what we can.

    Perhaps you should buy your family a holiday in the Caribbean this summer, there’s some great cricket on.

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