Superheroes and Villains

One of the advantages of a multi-author site is in the variety of posts. While we may not like all the flavourings, there’s still much to savour. We all have our areas of expertise and they should be respected as such. We have specialists on a wide range of topics. Some of them maybe not as important as others. This doesn’t matter, you never know when a useless piece of information can come in handy.

One of my strong points is my wealth of knowledge about the graphic comics world, specifically Marvel Comics, particularly the 70’s and 80’s; referred to in the industry as the Bronze Age of Comic Books. I may have lost the frisson on the reading of a Marvel nowadays but I still possess Galactusian information about the brand. You know how it is. Sometimes you can process certain data and recall it with astonishing ease depending on whether a subject interests you or not. The exciting escapades of the costumed characters captivated me through childhood. N.B. Stan Lee loved his alliteration. Continue reading “Superheroes and Villains”

Beyond the gravy train

I like Cracked. Beyond funny as hell, they can be amazingly insightful. Sometimes the insights are obscured by the lulz, but sometimes they’re so clear that the only reaction can be ‘yeah, what s/he said’.

This is the latest, brand-spanking-new specimen of the latter category:

I don’t watch The Walking Dead, comics leave me indifferent, and I’ve always found Superman overrated and irritating. I’m a Star Wars fan, though, and that part says everything I could never have found the words to express myself.