Beyond the gravy train

I like Cracked. Beyond funny as hell, they can be amazingly insightful. Sometimes the insights are obscured by the lulz, but sometimes they’re so clear that the only reaction can be ‘yeah, what s/he said’.

This is the latest, brand-spanking-new specimen of the latter category:

I don’t watch The Walking Dead, comics leave me indifferent, and I’ve always found Superman overrated and irritating. I’m a Star Wars fan, though, and that part says everything I could never have found the words to express myself.

They shoot banthas, don’t they?

 In the history of ridiculous things we might just have topped the lot with this one. As ever, probably it will be another unfulfilled ambition. Sometimes though, the planning is better than the actual event. Timing is everything and if myself and three friends can coordinate work and family commitments we are going to watch the six Star Wars films in the one sitting. One after the other after the other…

Originally George Lucas wanted to make nine films and it’s any one’s guess what order he would have made the other trilogy. Would the next instalments be films 7, 8 and 9 or minus 1, 2 and 3? As it stands at the moment, six it is. Continue reading “They shoot banthas, don’t they?”