Sixth Photographic Competition 12th – 31st March 2011

The theme for this next competition is ‘The Force of Nature’ – the rules for this one are:

  • Manipulation is limited to the usual basics of fine tuning the colour balance and brightness etc, and cropping to make a good composition, but none of the ‘high tech’ manipulation of shots.
  • Photos should be added in a comment following Bearsy’s guidelines
  • Each image should be supported by a brief description of the where / why/ how (not too technical) and what the theme means to you, how you interpreted it….
  • Photographs should be taken within the time frame of the competition.
  • The closing date is mid day on Thursday 31st of March (GMT)

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

24 thoughts on “Sixth Photographic Competition 12th – 31st March 2011”

  1. Any one taken any pictures lately…?
    Should I remove the stipulation that the photo should be taken with int the time scale of the comp?

  2. Pseu, I’m in Cairo and my camera is in Cyprus…

    Haven’t really had a chance to lift my nose from the grindstone, yet, in any case some iPhone snaps and a few comments to follow…

  3. My effort won’t be ready for a few days yet, Pseu. Mother Nature is taking her own sweet time.


  4. Not easy to get a shot as the spawn is below the water line. But here it is, a force of nature that shows life carries on regardless.

  5. Now then m Guys ans Galls, where’s all the photos then?

    (My camera has gone… I had it Friday night and it has simply disappeared. Sob)

  6. Good frogspawn pic, Rick. Our frogs have finally shut up about about four weeks of singing!! Also love LW’s dramatic smoke plumes against that amazing sky.

  7. Pseu, the best I can do at short notice, having been away on holiday for a few weeks, is this shot of a Victoria plum tree blossoming on a south facing wall, taken on March 28.

  8. O Zangado :

    My effort won’t be ready for a few days yet, Pseu. Mother Nature is taking her own sweet time.


    OZ, officially it is past the deadline, but as you’ve been poorly, shall we allow an extension?

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