Supremacy (a taster)

Occasionally I am given some promotional material from my friends in Hollywood. One such item arrived today. It was the script for the new James Bond movie that is currently in production. The film is called Supremacy. I was told not to show the screenplay to any one or I would not receive any future goodies. Rules are there to be broke so I have copied the opening sequence for Charioteers eyes only.


1 Close-up of hay. Camera pans out to reveal Bond and a girl getting dressed. They are in a barn. Continue reading “Supremacy (a taster)”

Our House (and we’ll play what we want)

The experimental English rock band Muse have their new album out in October of this year. The CD will be called The 2nd Law. For those of you that can remember Muse were the group that wrote the official song of the Olympics and the dinosaurs amongst you lambasted the tune. Obviously, you’re still living in the Jurassic age. Listen, Marc Bolan is gone, get over it.

This is the new single by Muse that was released last week. Those of you expecting a hard-edged rocker can put your leather jacket on and leave the building now. This is devoid of the usual bombastimy, overthetopness and multi-faceted intricacy that is symptomatic of their works. This song is sublime in its understated playing. Muse never fail to surprise their audience. It is a bedtime story. It’s as if Marlon Brando has become David Niven.

Olympic song by Neo-Queen band (apologies to CO and Bearsy)

Muse definition.
1. Greek Mythology Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science.
2. a. A guiding spirit.
b. A source of inspiration.
3. A poet.
4. Unidentified rock band (sank) on Battleships 2 (still under appeal from OZ).

If Freddie were still with us this would be the type of song he’d be writing. Muse are almost a clone of Queen. No bad thing that, don’t you think? Over-produced crystal clear sound, histrionic vocals, screaming guitars all laced within a classical background. It’s a throwback to the first five Queen albums.

Though there are some murmurs of disapproval; even some Muse fans are unhappy with the song. One commentator saying it would be in last place at the Eurovision. Sorry buddy, you’re missing the point. Muse don’t write catchy pop songs. To appreciate their music you have to listen over and over again. One listen is not enough, the song does grow on you. Bombastic- yes. Pretentious- yes. A cut above the other bands- oh yes.
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