Olympic song by Neo-Queen band (apologies to CO and Bearsy)

Muse definition.
1. Greek Mythology Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science.
2. a. A guiding spirit.
b. A source of inspiration.
3. A poet.
4. Unidentified rock band (sank) on Battleships 2 (still under appeal from OZ).

If Freddie were still with us this would be the type of song he’d be writing. Muse are almost a clone of Queen. No bad thing that, don’t you think? Over-produced crystal clear sound, histrionic vocals, screaming guitars all laced within a classical background. It’s a throwback to the first five Queen albums.

Though there are some murmurs of disapproval; even some Muse fans are unhappy with the song. One commentator saying it would be in last place at the Eurovision. Sorry buddy, you’re missing the point. Muse don’t write catchy pop songs. To appreciate their music you have to listen over and over again. One listen is not enough, the song does grow on you. Bombastic- yes. Pretentious- yes. A cut above the other bands- oh yes.
Janh1 will like this.

20 thoughts on “Olympic song by Neo-Queen band (apologies to CO and Bearsy)”

  1. What a god-awful farrago of 80s pop cliches. The wah-wah girls sound like hen-night, karaoke imitation of the Ronettes

  2. “One commentator saying it would be in last place at the Eurovision”

    Sorry, but I think it is bad enough to WIN the Eurovision Song Contest.

  3. Is it meant to be a piss take to go along with the ‘blow job’ logo above?
    A somewhat dreadful emulating pastiche of Freddy Mercury, who, at least, could sing!
    Why don’t they just dig him up and prop him in the corner of the stadium?
    Would any notice the difference?
    Not many, too busy reeling from the price of their McDonald and Coke!

  4. CO: I never thought that much about how the logo looks, brilliant! Now to clean up the coffee that came through my nose after reading that. And I just got a new keyboard for my laptop!

  5. Chris, that vulgarity has been around for years!
    I never could believe that anyone could have been that stupid designing or accepting it!
    Bunch of total tossers so I suppose they liked what they saw!!!!!

  6. Hello TR

    I certainly didn’t dislike it, it’s okay.

    Funny enough that underlying beat reminds me of Flash Gorden!

    I did however have to go and listen via your link on youtube so that I could read the lyrics.

  7. Hello Soutie, good to see that someone on the ship has a good ear.

    I expected a lot of stick as Muse can polarise opinion. The Charioteers didn’t let me down with their superb range of constructive put-downs. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Feeling good with the post myself, I hit the like button. I am allowed to do so if you read the small print. 🙂

  8. A talentless cacophony performed by ESN primary kids and their little animal friends. Meritless noise. Freddy would have nothing to do with them I’m sure. 😥

  9. Sorry, but to compare this drivel with anything by Queen is sacrilegious. 😦

    Each to their own.

  10. And now I’m really angry. (Insert angry smiley)

    This is the second time on this Fred thread that the great man has been called Freddy. For the millionth time, it’s Freddie. Now I let the CO mistake go because she identified the tree for me that fell on the other post. Bearsy, you have a bit of redeeming to do.
    Redeem, redeem, said John the Baptist (I think).

  11. Sorry, JW. To me it has the same “quality” as the logo and the rest of the ‘Limpic publicity. I expect ro watch the inclusive, diverse, multicultural, multi-ethnic Islington-centric opening ceremony from behind the sofa, cringing for the lost dignity of my country.

    Actually, I won’t be watching at all.


  12. OZ, can’t we just attenuate it to ‘Limp’ ceremony?
    I do like the description.
    It can’t be a seriously Islington-centric, they would all be arrested for doing that in public and I doubt most of them could reach to suck it either!!

  13. From what I’ve read so far, I expect to be thoroughly sickened by the ‘ceremonial’ surrounding the games. In this case it would be reely, reely nice if it turns out I’m being a curmudgeonly old git 🙂

  14. PS maybe the big ‘target market’ for the Games are the generation who grew up with ’80s pops, ie my children and yours?

  15. CO, you description of the logo has written off the Games for me! It’s a killer!

  16. More ‘veginal’ I’m sure!
    Terrible trouble with consonants tonight.
    And whilst we’re at it could they be renamed as A’muse? They are at least laughable.
    I’m off to lay down with vowelitis.
    And no i’ts not catching!

  17. For my tuppence worth I can see a lot of youth liking this. It is formulaic and kind of fascist – staccato like beats and chordal stomping, As an offering for the London Olympics and its grotesque blow job logo it is eminently suitable. I can see it growing on me (the tune) as it is played before each and every event. That is if I can stomach watching. I live in London and am dreading the travel chaos. PS I am still looking for the ‘blow’ in ‘blow-job’ ha ha!

    PS Soutie – there was/is an autistic girl; in my former school who drew a logo that could have been well used or adapted as the Olympic logo. To me, it represented both the River Thames and a Royal Crown -simples. And it was in red and blue!

  18. Morning Papag, simples agreed 🙂 but then the ‘marketing moguls’ wouldn’t have made much dosh out of it!

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