Our House (and we’ll play what we want)

The experimental English rock band Muse have their new album out in October of this year. The CD will be called The 2nd Law. For those of you that can remember Muse were the group that wrote the official song of the Olympics and the dinosaurs amongst you lambasted the tune. Obviously, you’re still living in the Jurassic age. Listen, Marc Bolan is gone, get over it.

This is the new single by Muse that was released last week. Those of you expecting a hard-edged rocker can put your leather jacket on and leave the building now. This is devoid of the usual bombastimy, overthetopness and multi-faceted intricacy that is symptomatic of their works. This song is sublime in its understated playing. Muse never fail to surprise their audience. It is a bedtime story. It’s as if Marlon Brando has become David Niven.

9 thoughts on “Our House (and we’ll play what we want)”

  1. Oh dear.

    Monotonous raucous percussive background endlessly repeating behind a not-unpleasant vocal. Didn’t listen to the words, ‘cos I never do. I’ll give it two. Out of one hundred. Sorry TR. 😥

  2. Bearsy, I love you (in a completely non-sexual way, of course). And I’d love to hit you with a meteor at the same time (smiley face).

    Thanks for listening. Muse do polarise opinion which baffles the ones that are on the “they’re good” side of the compass. Absolutely brilliant live band; make sure you catch them if they do Aus. If not, keep playing those Everly Brothers records. 🙂

  3. I am with Bearsy on this one, except for the bit about “not-unpleasant vocal”. If this is modern music, and it is but a small part of it, then I am proud to be a Terrible Lizard!

  4. Hello Rick, (I’m not talking to anyone else)

    You know your rock. I get my info from my sons. None of them have mentioned Amplifier before. I checked a few songs over at YT. Prog-rock is not high on my list of musical preferences. For the simple reason it takes so much time to get to know the songs, it takes four or five listens to understand what the varied themes etc are all about. My son gave me a Tool album recently and it takes a lot of listening to.

    I have liked in the past the old favourites- Floyd, Yes, late 70’s Rush, and a leftfield pitch here, early Pendragon. Prefer my rock disposable and down to earth. I’ve been with Muse since the beginning so I can follow them through their “experiments”. Any other non-mainstream acts you’d like to share make a new post for them here. The more new posts the better. The dinosaurs can rumble all they want. Their day has gone.

    Well played J for connecting Madness with Our House. My writings are littered with subliminal messages. Disappointed no one spotted the correlation between the last two sentences.

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