CRIKEY! Judging now completed….. short story competition

This is difficult.

I have just read the two entries for the creative writing competition and find I’m completely stuck: I can’t make the decision.

Both Ara and Bilby have written stories that carried me forward, making me want to read on. Each story is so very different and that makes it harder still!

Ara’s story made me feel so sad for all boys sent out to boarding school at such a young age, especially as I am currently reading Andrew Motion’s memoir of childhood (In the Blood) which details the horrors of his schooling before common entrance. Her blending of the scary fearsome tiger into AA Milne’s Tigger at the end made me smile.

Bilby’s story of an evil man looking for a way out of a relationship is chilling – in that it could really happen! This man, an opportunist,emotionally cruel, and completely ego-centric, is caught out while the girl is saved by the skin of her teeth. Interesting stuff.

I’m going out into the garden where the frost has now lifted.

I may be gone sometime. By the time I come back in I shall have made a decision 🙂

I shall add it to the comments

DECISION TIME – can wait no longer

The photo competition closed officially yesterday lunchtime, but given the fact that OZ had said he would be posting something and is currently suffering Lupine Influenza I thought I’d give him some leeway.

Sadly he has not posted, and the number of photos submitted remains low: only four this time.

(Have I somehow jinxed it all by setting such defined parameters? Maybe it was the time frame? (I had said only photos taken during the period of the competition – was that too harsh)

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