DECISION TIME – can wait no longer

The photo competition closed officially yesterday lunchtime, but given the fact that OZ had said he would be posting something and is currently suffering Lupine Influenza I thought I’d give him some leeway.

Sadly he has not posted, and the number of photos submitted remains low: only four this time.

(Have I somehow jinxed it all by setting such defined parameters? Maybe it was the time frame? (I had said only photos taken during the period of the competition – was that too harsh)

Anyway, the photos submitted were interestingly different.

Ricksrant sent us ‘Frogspawn’ which is a true reflection of the theme, but photographically is was visually less appealing than the others. (Sorry Rick. A difficult picture to take I’m sure)

Low Wattage sent us a photo of ‘Brush Fire, evening, Camp Lejuene NC, March 24 2011’ and this is a wonderfully smoky scene lit up by soft evening light.

Donald sent us a photo of a beautiful baby, who just happens to be his grandson – should have been posted in the thread as a comment, but never mind!

Coldwaterjohn sent us a photo of a Victoria plum tree blossoming on a south facing wall.

The decision rested between the smoky scene and the blossom, and I have found it quite difficult to decide. However the final choice goes to Coldwaterjohn, for the delicacy and focus in his picture – I liked the fact that the flowers were both in bud and open, leaving us with a sense of pleasure now and pleasure to come.

Over to you, Coldwaterjohn, for the setting of the next, (7th) photo competition!

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

6 thoughts on “DECISION TIME – can wait no longer”

  1. I know it was hard to get the shot, took 8 attempts but the light was all wrong (sob) the best one had a reflection of the camera on it as well.

  2. Hi Pseu, yes I’m afraid it was the time frame that did for me. I could have hooked something out of the archives but nose has been to grindstone here lately. Enjoyed the pics though!

  3. Thanks Pseu. On this occasion may I pass the task of setting the next subject and rules to Low Wattage, whose JMW Turner-inspired skies were spectacular; provided he is willing to do so? I am not sure when his ship reaches home port. If he can’t manage it, certainly I will come up with something suitably fiendish…

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