12 thoughts on “Oscar ~ Judgement Day”

  1. Ha ha. Môre Jay

    Not me, I’ll be in the car but it will be all over our news bulletins, perhaps I’ll play a CD!

  2. I hope the girl’s parents, family and friends see justice done. There was so much technical bollox put up by the defence that the judge may have grown weary of the scales. She is not a young chicken. I hope for clarity.

  3. As I understand it, it may take some time for the Judge to summarise all the evidence and explain why the verdict is what it is.

    I read a report that said, because there is no jury, the Judges must explain why they have reached the verdict they have – and that could take days. Was the report correct – I don’t really trust newspapers!

    Do I have this right – Dewani has finally been sent to SA to stand trial for the murder of his wife?

  4. Boa, yes – on Dewani – but on Pistorius the Court has already cleared him of murder and will pronounce on culpable homicide on Friday 12th.

  5. Dewani finally arrived back on these shores during April this year, he’s been sent for observation, declared fit to stand trial and had a pre trial hearing 2 or 3 days ago. His trial scheduled to begin during the 1st week in October.

  6. Oscar – guilty of culpable homicide (which I think is referred to as manslaughter in other parts)

    Now the sentencing (and I suppose an appeal?)

  7. Not surprisingly the Steenkamp family think it was murder. Bail or no bail is now the issue – the akshull sentence could be weeks coming.

  8. According to the meeja, SA is in uproar becuase the Judge believed Oscar’s statement that he thought Reeva was still in bed when he fired.

    This will run and run (if you will excuse the imagery).

  9. The only ‘uproar’ that I’ve seen or heard is actually by the media, in the media.

    Everybody that I know have moved on.

    There was more ‘uproar’ on Sat and Sun over Bismark’s poor performance in Wellington than anything else.

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