Little Things

Do you have those little things? The little things that you love and take whereever you go? I have a couple, and my favourite is my “tespih”. I think the word originated from Persian.  It’s the “praying chain” (?) , might not be the exact word in English.

It was not in use in the early stages of Islam.  I guess it started as a Persian/Turkish Sofi practice. The common one has 99 pcs in three parts. 33×3=99.

But the one in Turkish tradition as you see the pic in my hand, has 33 pcs and is not for praying. 🙂 It’s for playing. More like that stress balls.

The 33 pcs one has another meaning too. At the start of the 20th century, in Istanbul, it was used by “Külhanbeyi”s. It’s hard to define. A bully in a sense but with a code. They used to use large 33 pcs tespihs made of amber.

So in most of the cases (not mine 🙂 ) the 33 pcs tespih is considered a macho accesory.

My Tespih

Mine is made of a speacial black mine which found at the east of Turkey with silver carvings on it. The tassel is also silver.

Adrift in Cyberland: a bloggette

Hello, all.

Oh how the MyT has fallen.

I expect that’s been used already.

I hope you all are well.  I am experiencing MyT DTs this morning and happy to have this outlet frequented by MyT graduates to look in and comment on.  Thank you for that word of welcome yesterday,  Bearsy.  Lurking feels somehow sneaky to me in this venue, thus this post.   What a shock to find my account closed and so many efforts at poems and memoirs wiped.  Gone.  O woe.  That OldTom was deleted too should cinch the notion that these latest deletions have nothing to do with content of posts, I would think.  Otherwise I would be searching for reasons why I should have been X-ed!

Oh well.   Tired news to many of you, I’m sure.  If anyone is commenting at MyT today, a suggestion that people should document any blogs they don’t want to lose would probably be a community service  – transfer blogs to computer files!

I am unable to find the right word for this limerick – if anyone would like to choose a two-syllable noun for the blank space, have at it…

O how the MyT has fallen
Just a spammer’s playground now, my dahlin’.
To whomever’s in charge:
May your ________ grow large;
Your garden be but  ragweed pollen.



All in a good cause

February is the new January in my blog book. Time to set my resolutions. Somehow January 1st is still too close to all that over-indulgence. Still Christmas cake left over and chocolate uneaten. Anyway I needed all of January to psych myself up for the ‘main plan’.

And the plan? Well later this year I will turn fifty. And I don’t want to be a flabby fifty. I want to be a fit fifty. I basically need to start getting fit again after a year of being pretty scared to exercise following back problems. I want to flatten the belly, re-tone the arms etc. Hand-in hand with this I plan to reduce my alcohol consumption. (That maybe the hardest bit. Not that the consumption is huge, I’ll have you know, but more than the recommended amount for a woman is easy to exceed.) Anyway the ‘Alcohol Free February’ has already folded: now reduced to ‘Alcohol Free Weekdays’ – and Friday is counted into the weekend.

So in order to get fitter I decided to start going to the gym and register again for the ‘Swimathon’ raising funds again for the Marie Curie Nursing Service.  Two years ago I did the 200 length challenge (5km) but decided this year to do 100 lengths (2.5km) and have until mid-April to train. Tonight was the first swim and I did 40 lengths, but un-timed and not continuous. I am going to keep track of training on here and wonder if I can get anyone to join me. Anyone interested? ‘Swimathon’ is a country wide event, with many local pools taking part and there are a variety of options to take part in.

Anyone interested?


Test cricket- a report for our non cricketers

South Africa are currently playing India in a 5 day test match in Nagpur India. Nagpur is one of the largest cities in central India a hub of commerce and industry and often referred to as ‘Orange City’, not because the ladies wear beautifully decorated orange saris but because lots of oranges are grown there. Continue reading “Test cricket- a report for our non cricketers”

On This Day – 8th February 1555

Burning of Laurence Saunders

On the 8th of February 1555, Laurence Saunders, preacher and rector of All Hallows in London, was burnt for heresy in Coventry. He was the second of the 284  ‘Marian Martyrs’ to die between 1555 and 1558.

I have chosen to commemorate Laurence because I believe that he is of some significance to one of our bloggers.
Continue reading “On This Day – 8th February 1555”

On This Day – 7th February 1478

Thomas More - Holbein

Some time between 2 and 3 on the morning of Saturday the 7th of February 1478, Thomas More was born in Milk Street London. He was the only surviving son of Sir John More, a lawyer, and Agnes Graunger. Thomas described his family as being ‘non celebris sed honesta’. Thomas was to change that…!

Thomas was educated at St Anthony’s school in Threadneedle Street, and at thirteen he was placed in the household of Thomas Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury  and Lord Chancellor of England. On the Archbishop’s recommendation, Thomas was  sent to Oxford. Apparently Thomas’s father kept his son short of funds so that ‘he had no opportunity of neglecting his studies for frivolous amusements’. Some of us can’t imagine Thomas as being ‘frivolous’, but he was described as a ‘merry fellow’! Continue reading “On This Day – 7th February 1478”

Blue Stockings

Every year on the anniversary of the opening of my school, we were read extracts from the memoirs of one of the twelve girls who were there in 1880 on the very first day.  One story was about a girl who had entreated her father to send her to school so that she could get a ‘proper education’.  Her father agreed, reluctantly, and said that he had no objection to her being educated, providing she wore her skirts long enough to hide her blue stockings.