One last one for the Bull (sadly missed)


Oklahoma, where the names go swirling down the drain
And the blog elite, can all feel beat
When the comments vanish, it’s a pain,
Oklahoma, ev’ry day the spammers fill the screen
You do nowt but talk, and we all walk
Making MyT something that HAS BEEN

So many have now left the site
And Onesite cannot get it right
And when we say
There’s no chance in hell you’ll try
We’re only sayin’
You’re doing nowt, Oklahoma!
Oklahoma, GOODBYE!

Apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein

My avatar

Later that same night.

The avatar photo was taken at the Company Chinese New Year bash in Hong Kong.  Earlier that year I had taken a course of singing lessons – a little late in the day, some might think, but, hey, what the hell!  I try to set myself the task each year of learning something new – not just the little things we all learn each day, even at my semi-advanced age, but something substantial that takes some effort and will help to stop my brain turning to porridge.  Easy enough when I get a job in a new country; learning the language will fill the bill, but for other years I like to try something different.   Anyway, that year it was singing.   Continue reading “My avatar”

The Scottish Play

Well, since it now appears to be a DnMyT instant tradition, you’re getting my first blog on MyT, particularly since it would appear that CWJ has signed on. Hope it’s true!

I agonised about publishing this at the time but eventually plucked up the courage. I got three comments but they were from squarepeg, Stefania and Marya so I had quality on my side, to be fair. The comments have been expunged by MyT, of course,  but I will always remember the kindness that the three of them showed to this newbie.

I have, I hope, tightened up the first attempt a wee bit.

A few days ago, I became the proud owner of one of Coldwaterjohn’s highly -prized virtual quaichs, just because I had gone  to school in the county town a few miles to the south of the cultural and artistic hotbed that is Pitlochry and its Festival Theatre and, as a result, being able to identify that town in his photo.

The photo set me to thinking of my school days and matters thespian. It brought back memories of the superb Shakespearian production that I was lucky enough to witness in my Fifth Year. Every year, the local Repertory Theatre put on a performance of one of the set texts for the  simple reason that it would guarantee them a couple of sell out matinees when all the local pupils got dragged along to see it.

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Red in beak and claw

Leaving the apartment complex this afternoon we found a seagull on the pavement with a badly damaged wing. While we were wondering what had happened to it,  the answer flew past us to perch on a fence nearby. A bird of prey and a very attractive one too. Some research on Wiki suggests it might have been a merlin. They winter in North Africa and it may have been starting on its journey back north to its breeding grounds, stopping off in Gibraltar for a quick snack. The seagull was bigger than its attacker, but had obviously been hit in mid-flight. There was nothing to be done but to move on and let nature take its course. I was not looking forward to walking past the scene on our return, but there was no trace of anything. Could that merlin have moved its prey elsewhere to feed?

Taxpayers’ Cash Paying for Politicians?

This is another of my earlier blogs – which seems quite forward thinking, two years after the fact 🙂

Not with my bleedin’ cash they ain’t!  We are now informed by our lords and masters that the way to avoid any more scandals like the recent cash for honours nonsense is to fund political parties from general taxation.  Let’s examine this proposition.  At bottom it means that the government will confiscate a sum of money from me and give it to a political party which I might otherwise not support.  It is a forced donation over which I will have no say.  Since I must work to get this money, what is being proposed amounts to the imposition of forced labour on behalf of the largest party, with no say in how that party should represent me, or what policies I am prepared to support – unless that is, I happen to be a supporter of that party.  It seems to me that this is in direct violation of the rule; ‘No taxation without representation,’ whcih, if I recall correctly, led to an insurrection by British citizens against the then government in the 1770’s and early 80’s, (1775 – 1783, to be exact.)
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