Creative Writing Persons

Clare has expressed a wish for a creative writing section on this site.
I can see there are categories for bad poetry, poetry,stories and short stories to the right as I write this. Maybe that’s all that’s needed?
Or do we need a blog or two to represent the poets and the prosers?

Anyone else interested?
I could investigate starting up a ‘Poets Cornered’ type character (New name would be needed) and maybe we could have a separate one for ‘Purple Prosers’?

Ideas please.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

46 thoughts on “Creative Writing Persons”

  1. A central blog for links to posted poetry and prose, either here or on your own site may work.

  2. Evening Pseu

    Tell us what you want, if you would like separate sections for creative writing, poetry, prose or whatever please say so, I can’t allocate them but I know that Bearsy will.

    Give him you’re wish list 😉

  3. Thank you Soutie. I wanted to see first if there is a desire for this from the others, not just Clare and I.

    Can I blog here under more than one name as I do (openly) on MyT? (Over there I an Pseudonym and Poets Cornered.)

  4. Pseu, of course you can (if you remember it was I who invented the separate ‘Poets ID’ for Christopop)

    Now stop talking about it, put down you’re wish list and I’m absolutely sure that if WordPress can accommodate your wants then Bearsy will be only to happy to set it up for you.

  5. Go for it, Nym: I will do my best to support such a venture, but I haven’t really ever re-captured my creative writing, er “talents” !

  6. Pseu

    Put it right here as a comment, I assure you that he will not only see it but also reply as to the possible and impossible.

    My advice would be to go large and then (sigh!) downgrade (slightly) from there!

    Pseu, this place is currently run on the basis of what we think the people want, all alternative suggestions would be most welcome, please, go for you’re badge, I have had nothing but honest, positive contributions from Bearsy, go ahead and ask, I know for a fact that he’ll reply.

  7. Hi Pseu; well done; good idea to gauge general opinion on this one…what I like about the MyT creative writing board is the way stuff stays up there once it’s expired from its normal shelf life as a blog, if you get me drift. That makes the creative writing on there an ongoing process, as someone – I think Plum Tart – put it.
    I also like seeing first few lines of summat on front page – not whole thing – and which gives you a taste but doesn’t take over front page.

  8. Thank Soutie.

    Hi Bearsy… any chance of making a ‘Creative Writing’ section in some way, please?

  9. Thanks Clare.
    Have you visited various other blogs, from the list ‘Authors’ Bogroll’?

  10. Hi Pseu; I visited yours, Isobel’s and John Mack’s, but no, apart from that, I haven’t..
    If you get the creative writng up and running, maybe we could try to get the writers over from myT as well…just a thought. But I wouldn’t want to tread on any toes

  11. Pseu that has to go down in the annals of creative writing as the worst that I’ve ever witnessed.

    Here’s what I was expecting;

    Hi Bearsy,

    Is it possible to have a monthly poetry tag labeled perhaps

    March – Easter
    April -spring
    May – Elections
    June – Birthdays
    July – holidays
    August – ……..

    We would also like a separate way of identifying the whimsical stuff, like the 6 word story, Limericks etc……..


    A page for proper short stories, perhaps we could run a competition whereby until a proper literary judge is found we utilise the ‘built in poll’ and allow fellow members to anonymously vote.

    Come on Pseu, there must be more what would you really like to see on here?

  12. Well, Soutie, my wrist is truly slapped!

    On MyT I post as ‘Poets Cornered’ and set a ‘challenge’ irregularly, and those who take up the challenge post on their own blog and make a link to the thread. That works. It is then, through tabbing, linked to the ‘Creative Writing’ section of the Telegraph page, so that those in search of it can find it even more easily.

    I guess we could use tags in this way.

    The short story competition is set each month by the winner of the previous comp, so it’s on a different page each time, but linked through the Creative Writing tab, so most folk who know, know it can be found there.

    So I suppose what we’d need is a system that works in that way….if its possible.

  13. Good evening, Pseu.

    Well, since you ask for our opinions, I feel that I should point out that we are totally in Bearsy’s hands (and, to a lesser extent Soutie’s) on this blogsite. If he chose to, he could close it down tomorrow and wipe the slate completely clean. Alternatively, he could be taken from us unexpectedly and, unless he has left his passwords lying around for Boa to find in such an eventuality, then that would be it for new authors.

    Not, of course, that I am suggesting that the first possibility will occur and I certainly hope that the second one is a long way down the road. It’s just that I’ve got this awful problem that I always tend to look on the dark side. I am a Scot and my nature has been re-enforced by the nurture of my professional experience of what can go wrong with unregulated, verbal contracts which is all that we really have here.

    I trust Bearsy absolutely to do what he has said he is going to do in his regulation of this site. I am unconditionally grateful to him for providing the venue which I am really enjoying. But I would be being untrue to myself if I did not point out that we are all dependent on his continued grace and favour and would be right up the proverbial creek if he decided to take the huff.

    So, in answer to your question, yes I would be interested in the sort of site that you are suggesting but I would suggest that you should set it up yourself on WordPress and invite everybody interested to become authors, just as Bearsy has so generously done here. I can’t speak for them but I think that Bearsy and Soutie would give you any technical help that they could and I’m happy to get up to speed on WordPress and do whatever I could to help as well.

  14. I do indeed take your point John, and perhaps it should be put to Bearsy. I understand your concerns but since he has kindly tolerated and indeed created a category for awful poetry, he may welcome the addition of a creative writing section, or not. The more the merrier, seems to be the motto, but yes, it is indeed Bearsy’s decision. I think your suggestion would be acceptable in any event.

  15. I do not have the technical know how to do what you suggest adequately, John, and although I take your point, wouldn’t that be yet another site to visit, when we may be able to ‘have it all’ under one roof, so to speak?

    (If you don’t ask you don’t get…)

  16. Creative Writers All

    You may have whatever you like, within the limitations imposed by WordPress and this particular template. My problem is that I do not understand what it is that you want.

    Many thanks to Soutie for attempting to extract a Requirement Specification. Doomed to failure, of course, but there’s arts graduates for you … 🙄

    Boadicea and I will be otherwise occupied for a couple of hours, possibly longer. After that, I will explore what you have on MyT and attempt to come up with something equivalent, or better. Part of the problem is that many of you do not understand what it is that you have here already, so I shall attempt to explain whatever I create in nauseating detail. 🙂

    Mr Mackie is being destructively negative – DNMT does not remove members at some arcane whim, the software delivers what it says it will, and the Site Policy is blindingly clear and has been stuck to rigidly by this Bear. But what would you expect from a Scottish lawyer? [For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Mackie, I am but tweaking your tail, dinna fash yersel.]

  17. Bearsy, with the utmost respect, that’s ‘dinnae’ or, in some dialects ‘dae’. Never ‘dinna’.

    And, with genuine respect, I do not believe that I am being ‘destructively negative’. This is a debate that I personally feel we should have.

    Is it true that, if you decide to close this site, it will vanish without trace?

    As you say, what else could you expect from a lawyer, Jockish or not?

  18. I may be being awfully obtuse, but if we haver to be authors to post on a creative writing blog here doesn’t that exclude anyone else who might wander along from elsewhere on WordPress?
    Could write on our own pages and copy into a folder here, so that should, heaven forbid, Bearsy decide he wants to travel the globe and give up all things internet, we have access to our originals to tweak, delete or whatever.
    Must admit I like the idea of a Poets Cornered page linked to this one.
    Also did I read somewhere that we have a limited amount of space here and then we have to start paying?
    My apologies if I have completely misunderstood everything.

  19. I am inadequately fluent in Jockish, but at least I tried.

    Please debate away, I was not attempting to constrain your volubility. Were I to close this site, it would, of course, disappear without trace. Were the Telegraph to go bankrupt, MyT would disappear without trace. Were Edinburgh to be nuked, you would disappear without trace. Were … but we can go on for hours.

    OK, I’ll tell you what, Mr Mackie, to make you happy, I will refuse to accommodate Creative Authors, shall I? That would be more secure, would it?

    Do try to crack a grin, FFS. 😥

  20. Hi again, Bearsy.

    See, you’re getting humphy here, in my opinion, and there’s no need.

    I asked a simple question and you have answered it simply – the site would vanish if you decided to get terminally humphy.

    Don’t see the DT about to go bankrupt and not convinced that Embra will get nuked in the near future unless Torness goes critical.

    Do believe, however, that, in certain circumstances, you might decide to pick up the ball and go home, thus ending the game. Would do the same myself, with sufficient provocation.

    As I said in my first comment, I trust you and I don’t believe it will happen. but I don’t believe that I should not be allowed to point out the possibility.

  21. Hi Isobel.

    To be fair, Part 5 is a cracker, involving, as it does, Edward Heath, Jack Tar aka Grumpy Larry, Stonehenge, the Schneider Trophy and fuschias. I really must try to finish it.

  22. Evening all,
    I have been otherwise engaged… just on my way to bed. (30 shirts, ironed, supper cooked and all that sort of stuff)
    Thank you Bearsy, you are a very thoughtful Bear.
    I don’t think we need to be as specific as Soutie suggests, just a way of finding creative writing themed posts without trawling through the whole lot of other posts. Then if we set ‘challenges’ contributors can find what’s gone before etc.

  23. Oh Mr Mackie, I was not getting humphy – do I have to plaster smilies after every sentence?

    Please, please express your opinions and feelings and apprehensions at as great a length as you desire.

    Please, please feel free to warn the body of the kirk about the terrible consequences of the demon drink – whoops sorry, I mean the terrible consequences of Bearsy going feral, or having a stroke or a heart attack.

    Please, please be as unremittingly negative as will satisfy your dour and granite soul, with my blessings and encouragement.

    I shall, of course, do my best to provide the dear wee ladies with what they seek, and in the process shall ignore everything you write, but I will defend to the last electron your right to say it, applauding your stalwart Presbyterian conservatism and your stout impersonation of the avenging angel of doom.

    Now, as I said last time, do crack a smile; just once, for Boadicea if not for me?

  24. Bearsy, however you choose to portray my remarks, the fact remains that we are totally in your hands. I don’t see your problem with my drawing attention to that said fact.

    I have never, as far as I am concerned, not had a smile on my lips and I have never, ever, taken myself or anybody else on MyT or here seriously.

    And you are getting humphy, in my opinion. I could, of course, be wrong.

  25. Yes John, you are all totally in my hands.
    I agree with you. Got that? Turn your hearing aid up. I AGREE WITH YOU!

    No John, I do not have a problem with you drawing attention to that fact.
    None at all. Got that, too? Watch my lips, I’ll say it slowly and carefully. I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM!

    But it is my duty as an Australian citizen to take the piss out of you for being an unmitigated old sourpuss with a non-existent sense of humour. Indeed, it would appear that your humour quotient is several degrees south of zero, a condition referred to in my adopted native dialect as ‘wowserism’. Now, if that’s not creative writing, I don’t know what is!

    Exhausted and resigned, over-theatrical but not humphy, sigh! 😦

  26. Hi, Boa, sorry for dragging you in to the debate. I realise that I started it.

    I’ll try again. I’m fairly certain I’m not being dour, I don’t think I’m being difficult and I am absolutely certain that I’m not being negative.

    All I’m trying to do is to draw attention to the fact that Bearsy could shut this site down tomorrow and we could do nothing about it. He could decide that he could lob me off the site right now for my alleged ‘stalwart Presbyterian conservatism’ and I could do nothing about that either.

    Absolutely no problem if he did so. His site and his right. But people should, in my opinion, be aware of that possibility.

    Clear to me, as I have already said on two occasions, that I don’t believe that he would do it because I trust and respect his sense of fairness. Just feel the need to point out the possibility of it all going pear-shaped and don’t really understand why I can’t do that without being stigmatised as some sort of Private Fraser.

    Not convinced that ‘dear wee ladies’ was absolutely necessary either, to be fair.

    Smiley thing? And so to bed, in my case.

  27. Bearsy, seriously humphy and close to being offensive, in my opinion, were I the sort of person who chose to take offence.

    Probably wrong again, of course.

  28. John Mackie,

    Dinna fash, you are doomed for the wooden spoon. On this blog and the 6 Nations as well,


  29. Morning all

    I think that John raises a valid point, it should be a thought in everybody’s mind when joining an association or whatever.

    One considers the benefit, analysis the risk and proceeds, I’m happy here.

    That giant among the English press, the DT, is perhaps an example of how a site should not be run,;

    Members complete history’s deleted (by ‘mistake of course, but no apparent possibility of recovery!)

    Every comment prior to June 2008 vaporised!

    By now most on here should be aware of keeping archives of contributions that are of value to them, rather like sending your one and only script to a publisher who then losses it.

    Caveat emptor

  30. If Bearsy wanted to walk away – he can pass the site to someone else. And unless he deleted every single item, the words of wisdom that we’ve all put here will still be here. What’s the panic?

    Janus has it about right… 🙂

  31. JM re number 29, thank goodness for that!
    I shouldn’t be here, but have just put a blogette on my page as a way of grabbing ten minutes relaxation and somehow wandered over here…
    Must now get a move on and out of here.

  32. I’d like a Creative Writing section here, Pseu. I find all the posts a little confusing and the CW section was my favorite section at the Site that Must Not Be Named.

  33. Bearsy, dearsy, please put in a Creative Writing section for Pseu. And Claire2. And me, who is just plain Jaime on the Site that Must Not Be Named.

  34. Wondering also, Bearsy, if it’s possible to put in an RSS feed just for the Creative Writing? I doesn’t dare subscribe to the main site. It would turn my limited email mailbox into a hash, entertaining as it may be.

  35. OK, I guess we do have a Creative Writing category but to use it you must click on the Creative Writing category to the right of the site, rather than the tag running below the entry, which pulls up Creative Writing across wordpress. Is that right?

  36. Err. Creative Writing under Tags. Can’t figure out how to edit these comments. Gnashgnash.

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