Poor fare at the Proms

Now that I’ve managed to calm myself down it’s time to talk about my disappointment at Saturday’s Last Night at the Proms. From the off let’s get it straight I am no classical aficionado I’m only here for the flag waving and sing-songs. When I hear classical music I automatically think of Tom and Jerry and the high jinks they’d be up to. Therefore, I only tune in when the patriotic party stuff starts. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to previous occasions. Continue reading “Poor fare at the Proms”

Cheesed Off.

A lot of us are extremely cheesed off here in Glawstershire at the moment.

More cheesed off than a piece of single Gloucester left out after a boozy dinner party and found soft and  sweaty in the morning.

More cheesed off than some Stinking Bishop that fell unnoticed out of the shopping bag into footwell of the car and sat there humming to itself unrescued while people went on holiday for a week.

Even more cheesed off  than  Eddie Izzard’s feet after doing 43 marathons. Continue reading “Cheesed Off.”