A short time ago i commented on a post from Bearsy.

You’ll see it in the recent comments if you are interested.

I didn’t know what he was talking about. So, coming back after a tour of favourite blogs Elsewhere, I was pleased to see others had commented too. I clicked, expecting elucidation and got the message ‘no posts match your search’.

Now, Lent is over and I’ve had a glass of wine since i got home, but I am by no means under the influence.

So, please could someone explain what is going on?


If you want to find me I’ll be on my page.

Belgrave in macro

Well, as you see I tried out the macro setting again. This time the subject was the entrance of the Belgrave Hospital and I think you can see the arts and crafts influences very clearly. You can also see it was a beautiful and the glass in the door was very clean, providing a great reflection of the nineteenth century terrace across the road!
Belgrave Hospital: decorative detail main entrance

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For Boadicea: The Belgrave Hospital for Children

Browse the estate agents around SE11 and you’ll soon find adverts for smallish flats in Belgrave House. At 1 Clapham Road, it’s handy for the tube at the Oval, and even handier  for St Mark’s if you are a churchgoer. Pretty well placed for fans of Surrey County Cricket Club and the England team as well.

It’s a big imposing building with a high gable, mullioned windows, and it’s made of red brick with mosaics around the entrance. Even if you didn’t know the names Charles Holden or Percy Adams, you’d soon realise that Continue reading “For Boadicea: The Belgrave Hospital for Children”

Sunday evening

Wind blowing like billy-o. Not sure of the spelling. I’ve never written it before. Quite a surprise anyway, because it has been another spectacularly gorgeous day.

After an early start – Cat alerted me to littertray cleaning duties at 6am, and again at 6.30 so the bin bag was fairly full – breakfast was not the Sunday morning late lie-in styly I had envisaged. I drove off to Halfords and got the bike cleaning stuff janh1 advised. Also something to help a rusty chain. And some bolts. Only little ones, but it would be nice not to have to leave heavy objects in front of cupboards to stop Cat opening them and risking him accessing the murky depths below deck. Also nice not to have the heavy objects as trip hazards for me.

Nice lunch. Pitta with salad and lots of olives. The into DIY Isobel mode. I restuck the drawer but this time used v strong glue, so am hoping it will hold. Lacking a hammer, I bashed the various bits together with my (deck) shoe. I tightened up the childproof, or in my case catproof, catches on the galley cupboards and fixed the bolts to the wardrobe and big cupboard, or ‘hold’ under the foredeck. Also attached two lights so I can see what is in the same two cupboards.

A couple of other people were cleaning their boats and that inspired me to remove some of the cat fur that has accumulated shockingly quickly. I just hope the local birds are grateful for the extra warmth in their nests.

This evening I’ve grappled with technology once more. There are now pix on my post (my page) for Saturday. Some appear more than once. I’ll edit. I promise. But not til I get home to technology I trust.


This morning was stunning. I don’t care where you live, what you do, who you are, all of you would have wanted to be me at breakfast time. Blue skies, warm sunshine, gentle rocking of the water, birdsong, swans, geese, leaping fish and Cat. Also, a perfectly soft-boiled egg, lovely buttered toast and filtered coffee. And no one else about.  I enjoyed.

It didn’t feel so good when I woke up. Or rather when I was woken up. Cat, who likes to sleep as close to me as possible when we are afloat, usually on my head, which he never does at home, decided to have a wash. So I was kicked repeatedly in the face as he carried out his ablutions. When I objected I got a very steely stare. Then he continued. I got up.

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