The Place: October Short Story Competition

The Place

They met at the usual bar. It was open 24/7, and it was a place to hang out, chill and meet people. There were the regulars of course, but people came and went, and although some were missed, their places were occupied by the newcomers and trade was brisk.

They were all exceptionally beautiful people, rich and successful. They oozed charm and sophistication; even white teeth and a confidence which always amused him.

Barista watched the room, dispensed cocktails with a quiet efficiency and listened. He responded to the regulars, laughed politely at their jokes but to most of the punters he was invisible; just someone behind the bar. Continue reading “The Place: October Short Story Competition”

Mooning around

Tonight there is a fantastic moon, staring in at the window as I write. It was apparently at its fullest around 6 earlier on this evening: it looks magnificent amongst the few silver-lit clouds . Last night it lit my way home on a mile and half walk through the village, which has very few street lights, throwing a very strong moon shadow. Continue reading “Mooning around”

Sunday Lunch

I wonder who came up with the idea that Sunday isn’t Sunday without a full roast for lunch.

It’s Sunday! Day of rest! So let’s spend half of it preparing a huge meal that we don’t really need, and the other half dealing with the unholy amount of washing up that such a meal generates.

Let’s. Not.

Spousal unit does the roast, and then floops about in ostentatious exhaustion. That effing roast would need way more trimmings to match up to the twenty other meals I cook during the week, mate.


Thought for the day!

So fair is Square and what’s her sin?
That Queen is also in the bin.
The dreaded Minotaur is out,
The rules they set, they now just flout.

I know I’m but a little voice,
But now we have a dreadful choice:
Do we take this and subside,
Or maybe fight and side by side.
We’ll make these fools eat humble pie

I say fight and do or die. Naught to lose
But lots to gain, and that is surely worth the pain.
A flood of prose could do the trick,
But poetry is much more slick

A round of verse is  what we need
Together we will all succeed.
In showing them we are a force
We will  defeat them in due course.

Whoever they are!