March Creative Writing Competition

There were not many newly installed world leaders who, when told the secret, ended up with a smile on their face, in fact, non did. Some of them aged almost overnight while others took it on the chin and just got on with things. A few, a very few, ignored the warnings given at the first briefing and paid for it with their lives. The first was Gandhi who was assassinated in 1948, two years after his first briefing and, having decided to ignore the prime directive, was snuffed out.

The next was John Fitzgerald Kennedy who battled long and hard against disclosure and the instructions given to him on a regular basis but in the end, he had to go, and he died.

The last was also the quickest in terms of being elected and then killed. Pope John 1st was elected by the College of Cardinals on August 26th 1978 and was found dead in the Papal bed 33 days later. To date these are the only leaders who have dared to disobey the prime directive since its inception in 1945, this says more about them than those who came after.


‘This is most unusual gentlemen, there being two of you, normally it would just be the new boy, or girl’ and the tall, angular man gave a high pitched giggle as if immensely pleased at his own little joke. Cameron looked at Clegg and rolled his eyes upwards as the trio entered the small lift which would carry them beneath No10, there was a hiss as the door closed and the lift dropped into the bowels of the building. When it reached the bottom Cameron moved forward as if to exit and was stopped by the tall man saying, ‘Not just yet PM, we have a way to go yet,’ and lifting his arm up he flicked two switches on opposite sides of the light fitting above them. ‘You may want to hold on’ he said as several chrome hand bars hissed out from the sides of the lift which then started to move horizontally at a fast lick. ‘Where are we going?’ said the Prime Minister looking to Clegg for support. ‘All will be explained sir, you are both quite safe, I do have the highest Alpha clearance Gentlemen’ said the tall man as he drew a small black leather case from the clip inside his top pocket of his suit and opened it to show the famed purple badge on one side and his embossed likeness on the other.

Cameron and Clegg looked at the pass and then into the face of their travelling companion which had changed from joviality to a cold mask which was giving nothing away, as if sensing their unease he smiled again and said, ‘Not long now Sir, nearly the end of the first part of the journey’. ‘First part’? blustered Clegg, ‘where the hell is this thing taking us and who exactly are you.’ The man looked at Clegg with cold eyes and made a decision, he smiled and said ‘this ‘lift’ stops at what we call ‘The Terminal,’ even I don’t know its exact location and as for who I am, just look on me as your conductor,’ and he gave another high pitched giggle.

Just as Cameron was about to blow his top the lift gave a slight lurch and started to slow down, still travelling in a horizontal direction it came to a stop and the door opened. Stepping out, the three men were met by a young man driving an electric buggy and they all stepped in. Before it pulled away two newcomers looked up and gasped at the height of the chamber they were, it soared above them to a height of three hundred feet and was diffused in a soft blue light but it was not obvious where the light was coming from, it seemed to glow from the very walls which were totally smooth. As they continued to look upwards they became aware that there were different levels going around the chamber like a giant beehive with small vehicles attached to the sides travelling along and disappearing into doors which suddenly opened and then closed as the vehicle entered. The tall man laughed, ‘It’s quite a site when you see it for the first time, I remember I was staggered but if you think this is something, in the words of the poet, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Cameron struggled to comprehend what he was seeing, as leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition he was party to most things that went on, in fact as far as he was concerned he was privy to everything that went on, Brown had kept him up to speed at regular briefings but this, this was beyond anything he had seen in his life before. The tall man seemed to read his mind, ‘the reason you are here PM and you also Sir, bowing his head in Clegg’s direction, is to have all this explained to you, we will be taking a short ride, about twenty minutes or so and then all will be revealed.’ Cameron stirred himself and tried to assert his authority by demanding who they were going to see and where. The answer stunned him into silence, ‘you will both be meeting President Obama in Washington DC’ and with that, the man tapped the driver on the shoulder and the buggy moved smoothly away and into a tunnel.

No conversation ensued as the buggy made a short trip and stopped before a large circular steel door about twenty feet in diameter, the driver leaned forward and pushed a button on the dashboard and the door sighed open as if it weighed nothing, a ramp extended and the buggy drove up into a cylinder that was as high as the door and about twenty feet long, stopping in the middle. There was slight change in pressure and the air behind them seemed to ripple and shimmer for a few moments, ‘air lock’ said the man by way of explanation and as he spoke another door opened and they drove through. The tall man got out and indicated that the other two should follow him as he went through a sliding door into a very well appointed room which was circular on the sides and flat on the floor and the ceiling. It reminded Cameron of the first class carriage of a Eurostar train but without windows. Indicating some very large armchairs the man bade his guests sit down as an attendant served them with drinks and canapés. ‘Welcome to the snake gentlemen, next stop Washington ’ said the attendant, ‘we should be arriving in fifteen minutes’ Clegg spluttered his G and T down his suit and was handed a napkin together with assurances that it happened to most ‘virgins’. ‘We are in what we call ‘The Snake PM, said the man as Clegg dabbed at his suit, ‘for want of a better word it’s a train but unlike any that you have been on before. We are travelling in a vacuum and a non harmful magnetic field, that’s why you cannot feel any motion’. ‘When do we start said Cameron’, ‘start?’ said the man, ‘why, we are almost there, when you are travelling through a tunnel in the way I’ve described at fifteen thousand miles an hour, it takes no time, in fact, here we are now’. And with that the doors slid open.

Cameron and Clegg sat alone before a large screen, alone in the room that Obama had led them to having greeted his guests earlier. The screen flickered into life and a voice started to intone ‘The Prime Directive’ It explained in a flat monotone that if either of the two of them disclosed or attempted to disclose any of what they were about to see they would be killed. Clegg began to rise from his seat but Cameron gripped his arm like a vice, his eyes glued to the screen. Images of the three leaders who had tried to break the directive swam into view and the voice explained the why’s and wherefore’s of their deaths. Both men gasped as the details were revealed, not only from the explanations but from the cold, impassive way the explanations were made. Again the Prime Directive was repeated followed by live images of both Camerons and Cleggs families going about their routines 3000 miles away, there was no doubt whatsoever in either man’s mind what they were telling them here. The screen went blank, both men sat motionless, stunned by what they had seen and heard. The door opened and President Obama walked in and over to a drinks cabinet, poured three stiff ones and handed two to his shaken guests and sat down.

He went on to explain that shortly after the first ‘A’ bomb was exploded, the Trinity Test, on July 16th 1945, aircrews reported a massive increase in sightings of what they called ‘Foo Fighters’, the nickname given to any unexplained aircraft they saw, later to be called UFO’s. It was shortly after this that contact was made with extra terrestrials and the decision was made to immediately make it a ‘gold level’ secret, the highest classification on the planet. The Alians made it quite clear that Earth had been under observation for many millenia and that they had made ‘direct’ intervention with our cave dwelling ancestors, it did not need the brains of Einstein to work out what they meant. The ‘A’ bomb had triggered the final phase of their plan and to the aliens, the most exciting and entertaining phase. ‘Entertaining?’ Cameron and Clegg said together and stopped as Obama raised his hands, ‘Yes guys, entertaining, Earth and its inhabitants are the biggest crap game in the universe.’

If the PM and his deputy had any thoughts of leading their country into a brave new world, their hopes were dashed on the rocks of reality as Obama continued. These alians use Earth as a massive gambling table, they place bets on the outcome of various scenarios, that they put in play, what JFK wanted to do was to find a cure for cancer, that was the challenge he was going to lay down to the America when he came into office, that did not sit well with the gamers so they forced him to go for a moon landing, which was more to their liking, more risk, higher stakes, more fun. He kicked against it and they reminded him of the Prime Directive but the decision broke him and he was going to tell all at a speech in Dallas. Obama looked at his guests, ‘The guy had guts’ he said.

Obama went on to say that World leaders had a pretty free hand in most things but occasionally the aliens would interfere and upset things just to see how things developed and to bet on the outcomes, we have no say in the matter. And for being good little boys and girls we get goodies given to us from time to time, the train you took is a good example, the technology is drip fed to us, micro chips, lasers, most major surgical advances, all alien with lots more in the toy cupboard if we do as we are told. Cameron interrupted, ‘How do they tell us what they want, do we meet them?’ ‘some do, you don’t think the Bilderberg Group just get together to play bingo do you.’

Obama smiled, ‘well guys, as far as you are concerned, the truth is out, what you do with it is up to you, take my advice and play along, you have a lot to lose.’

On the twenty minute journey back to London both Clegg and Cameron were lost in thought, their tall angular friend looked at them and smiled to himself, neither of these two were JFKs.

Author: oldmovieguy

Another Boomer who wishes he had the stamina of youth to go with the cash of age. Fond of pricking the hot air balloons of pomposity and cutting little dictaors down to size.

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  2. Not too bad OMG! At least there wasn’t a mass of surplus formatting to remove! 🙂

    I put in the ‘More’ tag for you earlier and have just opened up your paragraphs. The latter makes it easier for people (me!) to read!

    I will now sit and enjoy the story!

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