April Creative Writing Competition

Wow! What a start to the weekend and having seen the other entries a bit of a surprise. So many thanks to The Royalist for giving me the ultimate thumbs up and for setting such interesting parameters, I only hope I can follow in such illustrious footsteps.

Now I know there are some techie bits involved in putting this on the proper part of the site but can kind soul prevail please as I have suddenly come under a lot of pressure work wise and will be going like the clappers for a few days.

To the Competition itself. I think it fair to keep the limit of 2000 words in place, this keeps everything nice and tight, tickles the little grey cells and prevents our hard drives filling up with the equivalent of the collected works of Shakespeare. The closing date for entries will be the last day of April.

Theme. This gave me a lot of fun and I hope I’ve come up with something that will get the old juices flowing, ooh matron!
The theme is ‘Alternative History.’ It can be from any period you wish, from the cave men to the present day and all stations in between. You know the kind of thing I mean, Germany wins WW2, Harold won at Hastings, Edward never married Mrs Simpson, Television was never invented etc, etc. Have a bit of fun with this thinking about how the world would have changed, in other words, an Alternative History. When I say ‘have fun’ I don’t mean that it should be a comedy piece but that’s ok if you want it.

Now for the twist. I did like The Royalists idea of including the word ‘Snake’ somewhere in the body of work and with his blessing, I hope, have built a bit on this. Whenever the mental block arises, usually as I’m looking at a blank piece of paper or the keyboard remains untapped, I use a little device taught to me by Jack Rosenthal. Take a dictionary and open it at random and place your finger again at random upon a page and write down the word your finger is nearest to, do this three times. You then have three random words and you would be amazed at how this tends to break the block as your mind starts to fly in different directions. You will be delighted to read that I have done this for you already and stand by what I say, these words were picked in the way I have described. The words are: EXCHEQUER….SANDBLAST….DALAI LAMA. These must be mentioned at least once in your story, how you do it is up to you.

Have Fun

Author: oldmovieguy

Another Boomer who wishes he had the stamina of youth to go with the cash of age. Fond of pricking the hot air balloons of pomposity and cutting little dictaors down to size.

26 thoughts on “April Creative Writing Competition”

  1. Well done again, omg and a great theme for the April competition.

    But, you should change your dictionary. It cannae spell ‘Exchequer’ to save itself.

  2. 😀 Join the club, OMG. It’s usually only me providing rich pedant pickings for Mr Mackie!

    This sounds great and as I’m just off on hols for a couple of weeks, I will have both the time and the inclination! I will report back. pip pip!

  3. janh1 :

    :-D Join the club, OMG. It’s usually only me providing rich pedant pickings for Mr Mackie!

    This sounds great and as I’m just off on hols for a couple of weeks, I will have both the time and the inclination! I will report back. pip pip!

    Janh1, I’m deeply hurt. All that I ever try to do, as I wend my way through this vale of tears is to help my fellow man and/or woman. A pedant? Moi? May you be forgiven!

    Enjoy the hols, wherever they are going to be, I am confident that they will produce a fine blog or seven from you. It’s what you do, effortlessly, in my opinion.

  4. Now then JM! You mustn’t mistake persistent excellence for effortlessness! Practice makes perfect, innit? 🙂

  5. Panic over. Thank you for the kind comments and thanks for placing this month’s competition in the correct place.

  6. Only 2 weeks to go… and not a word penned. EXCHEQUER….SANDBLAST….DALAI LAMA rather holfing me up 🙂

  7. Not long to go, either you are all polishing your masterpieces or I have stumped the lot of you.

  8. How are we doing folks, saving all your entries until the last minute? Tempis Fugit and all that.

  9. Well as you can imagine I have been up most of the night going through the entries, a decision will be made shortly as soon as I can unload my hard drive which buckled under the strain of admissions for the competition.

  10. It is a shame that people seem to have lost interest in this competition, OMG. I have enjoyed reading the entries in the past …

    Thanks for your efforts 🙂

  11. Two very good entries, both fitting the criteria I laid down.
    Bearsy: A great twist on a familiar theme, I chuckled at the reference to Christians wearing flat caps in India but not in England and yelling ‘Hail Mary’s,’ at startled passers by, this is the kind of humorous writing on this subject that should be employed more often, humour has a way of taking the steam out of things. Nicely drawn characters and a well described setting of a world that could have so easily come to pass.

    Psue: This story could not be more topical, what a turn up for the book it would have been, and Pseu is right, the people would not have been in a forgiving mood. I think Psue would have liked to develop this theme further but time is not always on our side with these endeavours. I liked the dialogue between the two of them, short and sweet, crisp and to the point, this was definitely a case when brevity was called for, it could so easily have got a bit mawkish so well done Psue.

    So after deliberation, excuse me while I fumble with the envelope, the winner is………………Bearsy.

    And special thanks to Pseu for making it a proper contest.

  12. It is a pity that there were so few entries, but well done Bearsy, I did enjoy your story.

    Nym was a worthy runner up!

    Actually, there seems to be a lack of entries for all the competitions at the moment. Is is to do with the weather, holidays or simply lack of time?

  13. Thanks for running this OMG.


    I’m beginning to wonder whether it is worth running the competitions any more…

  14. I share your doubts, Boadicea. I would be reluctant to say that you shouldn’t because I enjoy them, and so so others.

    That said, it does depend on contributors. Maybe a break, and resume in the Autumn?

    May be worth canvassing opinions.

  15. Well done to both of you.
    I had a story half written, to be honest, but well…
    Don’t scrap the competitions, though. It would be a great shame.

  16. I look forward to reading Pseu’s and Bearsy’s stories later.
    I did think up a story on the theme, but I don’t think anyone would have liked it.

  17. As opinions are canvased – here’s mine! I can’t write but I love to read! Perhaps a longer deadline?

    Julie – go on, be brave!

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