Bush Fires

Probably been done in which case forgive me. Although I have not posted here for some time the news from Australia regarding the terrible fires has turned my mind to some of the folk who live there and post on here. All I can say is you are in my thoughts and stay safe.

Author: oldmovieguy

Another Boomer who wishes he had the stamina of youth to go with the cash of age. Fond of pricking the hot air balloons of pomposity and cutting little dictaors down to size.

10 thoughts on “Bush Fires”

  1. Hi, OMG. Thanks for the kind thought – so far the flames have stayed down in NSW and not bothered us in Queensland, which is just as well as our new house backs directly on to the bush (a tree’d hill with masses of dry undergrowth in this case). Why ever did we buy it, we wonder. 😦

  2. Yes, well said OMG. We have our fair share of bush fires here, fortunately rarely in highly populated areas as we see too often in the States and Oz.

  3. Bearsy, are you able to clear a firebreak behind you? If so I would have it done.

    Here where we all back onto forest, and some properties are in the forest, we all have gates for vehicle access to our neighbours so that people may escape forest fires from uphill. One cannot always use the roads.

  4. Christina

    No chance! We’d be up for big fines for removing trees.

    Imagine our horror when a few weeks ago we saw our next door neighbour tending an open fire in his back yard… I believe the neighbours the other side told him that it wasn’t legal. Some people have no brains at all.

  5. Bo and Bearsy It is not the trees that you need to fell, it is the underbrush that makes the fires carry, get in there and clear out the small stuff, it hinders passage quite remarkably.

    Don’t your fire departments declare no burn times? We are never allowed to burn in the Summer until the Autumn comes and it has rained to dampen down all the vegetation. There are large notices outside all the fire stations. Round here the Sheriff would have you so fast it wouldn’t be true, very large fine and if you caused a real fire you are looking at jail time automatically. And quite right too!

    Perhaps it should be suggested to the Council?

  6. Hey, Tina – like we have all sorts of things like danger indicators all over the place, and fire restrictions and bans – some permanent, some transient (and many that you can ignore if you’re officially an abo) with laws and penalties and the blokes from round the corner to enforce.

    Remember we’re talking mainly eucalypts, so ignore them at your peril. The fires are an essential part of their life-cycle. Back-burning is a favourite trick of the firies (firemen), not that it always has the desired effect. Fires regularly jump multi-lane freeways when the wind changes – ordinary country roads are a doddle.

    Austrayia is not the UK, nor is it the USA. Economically we’re way out in front, and so we are bushfire-wise. When the California fires start, who did / do they call? Not Ghostbusters, but the various Austrayian Rural Fire Services, that’s who!! 🙂

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