Answers on a Postcard Please

Any Idea what these ‘pods’ are? They remind me of one of my favourite sci-fi films, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers.’

Author: oldmovieguy

Another Boomer who wishes he had the stamina of youth to go with the cash of age. Fond of pricking the hot air balloons of pomposity and cutting little dictaors down to size.

10 thoughts on “Answers on a Postcard Please”

  1. As they are from Asia, where they eat anything that moves, and anything that doesn’t, they could be anything, Omg, I’d rather not know either. 😉

  2. All those who said Tuna, give yourself a treat and open a tin now. Taken at sparrows fart in Tsukiji fish market Tokyo.

  3. May be old news for you all, but on the subject of fish (this time dolphins) the following film is on the Japanese slaughter of dolphins (no I’m not an activist – mind you I do seem to be developing a ‘thing’ about QE – must go and take my medicine): –

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