Thank you

Thank you for allowing me to join, I shall try not to bore you all too much with my ramblings, anyway I am so busy these days that inbetween running another care home and trying to turn it around, shooting arrows and sleeping there is little time left for me to rant.

I have changed my username from one which many will remember, and some with disgust, thats cool, I have not changed one bit, I am still the same outspoken nasty b*****d I always was (or so my staff tell me, but what do they know?).

So guesses as to who I am could make for fun.

Author: fieldshooter

Now 57yrs old still working in the care of the elderly field, spend as much spare time shooting arrows in the woods. I enter many world ranking competitions and I am currently 178 in the world in the Masters Section (Old Farts). I am also currently leading the Winter Field Shoot League, but more by luck than judgement.

32 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. PS. Anyone want to buy a 25″ riser (handle)its on ebay for sale and not enough bids yet, as I have just spent an awful lot of money on a new set of limbs.

  2. God, I’m hopeless at this. I never recognise anyone with a new name. And I didn’t know there was anyone on MyT running a care home.
    But hi!

  3. No one mention the green tights and cod piece!!!

    Hi Ferret and Kate and of course our young Turkish friend

  4. And a quick welcome from me, you had of course reduced your activity on Myt when I joined but we have commented on the same posts in the past.

    I don’t actually care who or what people do or did elsewhere, it’s what happens here that counts.

    cheers šŸ™‚

  5. I’m always wary about people who shoot fields for kicks.
    Is your care home in this field? If so, cancel the bed I have reserved please;-)

  6. Came 10th in the barebow section at the Panther shoot (Essex Champs) last weekend, the next big shoot is the Raven shoot 15th & 16th May followed by All British and Open Field Championships on 29th & 30th May. Want a laugh! I have a world ranking in barebow field shooting last year I was 99th!!!! Thanks for asking CB.

    By the way Josh has a county record.

  7. Now you will all be shafted as this guy joins the group.
    How about shooting the apple off of Ferret’s head, that could be fun to watch.

  8. AP,

    “By the way Josh has a county record”.

    Big deal! I have a few, The Eagles, Dixie Chicks, Taylor Swift and Johnny Cash for starters. šŸ™‚

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