For The Times They Are A Changin

I wrote this piece this morning and put it on my blogger site, but thought it may stir a few souls, so here goes.

Well things are bad, and I believe are going to get a whole load worse, before there is even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

To me the revolution has started. The strikes are growing and people are openly wearing the iconic mask from V for Vengeance. People the world over are waking up and realising that things left in the hands of politicians are now leading to disaster on a global scale. The revolution is coming from all walks of life and all ages and will continue to grow.

It amazes me that politicians really believe that Europe could become one superstate. Lets remember just in this country alone, we have the north – south divide, where oop north prices and jobs are vastly different from those in the soft south, in fact even in England some dialects are barely understandable to others from even the same country, so here we have self serving politicians from all over Europe who think that different countries, with old scores to settle, with vastly different cultures, language, tradition, history can all pull together in the same direction. Continue reading “For The Times They Are A Changin”