Is It Worth It?

In my old guise everybody knew that I was avidly anti-politician, a change of name hasn’t changed the stance, believe me I have tried to be good, I have tried to believe during this election campaign, but the same ghost keeps rearing its ugly head, I believe, nor trust any of the leaders of the three main parties.

I still believe that we, as a nation need to shut our Parliament down, have the rules re-written, ban all existing MP’s from standing again (for as long as they live) and I would go so far as to disband all current political parties.

If someone wants to become a care worker they have to jump through enormous hoops to get a job, must have current CRB, must have two written references one must be from previous employer, must have skills and training or be willing to train, must attend staff meetings and supervision sessions, all for (as is often the case) £5.80 per hour and for that they get to be insulted, have to clean up bodily mishaps, and bath cantankerous (in my line) elderly people.

MP’s these days get huge pay cheques, expense accounts, and the only qualification most of them seem to have is the ability to lie, oh and many are lawyers (enough said). This country is going to dump Brown, of that there is no doubt, but I bet the puppetmaster (Mandelson) remains behind. Then we have Milipede who hasn’t done a days real work in his life and Johnson who is another scheming fraud to replace Brown.

On the other hand we have Cameron who sounds like a young Blair and in my eyes is just as dangerous, possibly more so as his policies are in reality not that far away from Labours and he is just running on Browns unpopularity, then there is Clegg, lets give all the illegal immigrants a home ticket, who is so out of touch with the feelings on the immigration issue if it wasn’t so scary it would be comical.

We don’t have a great deal of choice, nor do we have anyone who really understands what the voters of this country want and need. Transparency, honesty and clarity are not words that politicians understand nor abide by and I feel that my beloved country will descend into chaos within a very short time.

I have preached revolution for a long time, I am scared for my country, for my children and for our growing elderly population (after all I am getting closer to it) we are in a mess and nobody gives me hope for the future.

I know who I will be voting for, it will not be for the three main parties or the BNP, but for me I know it is only a protest vote as I have no faith in the politics or the politicians in this country today.

I shall try to be more upbeat later on as I shall write a piece on fieldshooting, once I have finished the club newsletter.

Author: fieldshooter

Now 57yrs old still working in the care of the elderly field, spend as much spare time shooting arrows in the woods. I enter many world ranking competitions and I am currently 178 in the world in the Masters Section (Old Farts). I am also currently leading the Winter Field Shoot League, but more by luck than judgement.

6 thoughts on “Is It Worth It?”

  1. Here, here young man, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Sharpen those arrows.
    Whilst I have your attention Mr Fieldshooter, it’s bloody good to see you.

  2. I’ll get in before Bearsy. His mother always reckoned that it didn’t matter who you voted for all you ever ended up with was a politician – and her opinion of politicians just about matched yours, if not worse.

    Looking in from the outside – I can’t see that there’s anything much to choose between The Big Three.

    nor do we have anyone who really understands what the voters of this country want and need

    Nor do they seem to care either.

    Good to see you here… don’t leave it so long! 🙂

  3. The problem is with the electorate not the politicians. What most of the elctorate want is a free lunch and they will vote for people who offer it, truth tellers not wanted.I think most politicians are madder with the electorate than vice versa because the people just won’t accept what needs to be done.
    We are running a ponzi scheme. The state borrows money, spends it , but with high taxation most of the money comes back to the state and allows the country to borrow a bit more, so on and so forth.
    The operators of the ponzi scheme, the state employees think they should get their share, so steadily they have gained better employment terms than the rest of the population.And the rest of the popultation says what the heck let’s go and join the gravy train, so state employment increases.
    But ‘most’ of it comes back, not all of it so the debt steadily increases.
    It takes time to dig the hole. The greeks have dug deeper and they are now forced to turn on their over paid state employees. They are the first, others will follow.But don’t expect the free lunchers to show remorse, they will just turn on the pôliticians and ask why there are no more handouts.

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