For The Times They Are A Changin

I wrote this piece this morning and put it on my blogger site, but thought it may stir a few souls, so here goes.

Well things are bad, and I believe are going to get a whole load worse, before there is even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

To me the revolution has started. The strikes are growing and people are openly wearing the iconic mask from V for Vengeance. People the world over are waking up and realising that things left in the hands of politicians are now leading to disaster on a global scale. The revolution is coming from all walks of life and all ages and will continue to grow.

It amazes me that politicians really believe that Europe could become one superstate. Lets remember just in this country alone, we have the north – south divide, where oop north prices and jobs are vastly different from those in the soft south, in fact even in England some dialects are barely understandable to others from even the same country, so here we have self serving politicians from all over Europe who think that different countries, with old scores to settle, with vastly different cultures, language, tradition, history can all pull together in the same direction.

What a joke. Anyone with half a working braincell can work out that isn’t going to happen, and at the forefront of this great state we have Germany, who started two major conflicts of the last century and France who was once under the jackboot of Germany, twice!

Call me Dave, who I now have renamed CAMERON THE CLOWN, has proved himself to be yet another lying, two faced, self serving politician. He made promises he either couldn’t keep or had no intention of keeping just to get elected and have his five minutes of fame as a politician, he couldn’t even win an election outright, he then had to go cap in hand to a political party who always came third in elections, had no experience and in many areas had totally conflicting views from the Clown and his party. What we have now is a farcical government.

I have had first hand experience of the Clown in action, he can’t even keep confidentiality! So beware.

Looking at politicians the world over, what a deadbeat bunch they are, from megalomaniac dictators, to a 75 year old sex addict who holds bunga parties. Our MP’s are no better, we have Bercow who will spend over £3,000 of the taxpayers money on suits for himself, who has a wife who seeks personal media attention constantly. Cameron the liar and most undemocratic Prime Minister I can remember having his strings pulled by a bunch of third rate politicians getting their first, and hopefully final, five minutes of glory.

Then we have the Labour fools, led by Miliband, who hasn’t shown any guts at all. He has Balls sitting next to him making silly schoolboy hand gestures in Parliament to try and distract. That is the level that politics have sunk to. At least there aren’t physical punch ups as in some other Parliaments,

So Merkel and Sarkozy want to rule Europe, two old foes, it reminds me of the Vichy Government from World War II, with Sarkozy taking the role of Marshall Petain and Merkel of leader of the Axis, and we all know what happened next, or if not look up the history.

The Euro will crash, to me there is no doubt, it is just a case of when, and when it goes there will be hardship for except the super rich and politicians, who will make sure that their nests are well feathered. Whoever thought up the idea of the EU was a woolly headed idealist, who managed to get the backing of easily led politicians who could not rationally think things through.

So although I look forward to the pending crash and inevitable break up of the EU with some trepidation, I also look forward to its closure, and will be very interested to see what history has to say about this most foolish part of our history.

Keep the revolution going and remember in the next election, if it gets that far, what our three main parties have done to this country and vote the b******s out. I shall vote UKIP only in the hope that they will live up to their promise and remove us from the EU and its mind boggling stupid policies.

Author: fieldshooter

Now 57yrs old still working in the care of the elderly field, spend as much spare time shooting arrows in the woods. I enter many world ranking competitions and I am currently 178 in the world in the Masters Section (Old Farts). I am also currently leading the Winter Field Shoot League, but more by luck than judgement.

14 thoughts on “For The Times They Are A Changin”

  1. Things are grim and it’s hard to argue with much of what you’ve said, fieldshooter. However, as the resident comic book expert (every site has one) I should draw your attention to the minor mistake in paragraph three. Alan Moore wrote the graphic novel V for Vendetta that had the anarchist protagonist wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.

  2. I am not anti the cabal because they are Etonians but because they just happen to be a bunch of twerps. I do not think the two are necessarily connected. I disliked Cameron from the moment I first became aware of him. He is, as he so proudly claimed, the Heir to Blair. He may just as well have boasted of being the Son of Satan or Mugabe’s Mate. William Hague would have been my first choice of Tory leader, but since he screwed up by rising too quickly, David Davis would have got my vote at the last leadership race.

    My cousin and her husband who is a Tory MP were out here recently. He asked me to become involved in the Overseas Conservative Association, or whatever it is called. I demurred, though I did not have the heart to tell him that I would have voted for UKIP had I the right to vote.

    I must say that while I anticipate the future with some trepidation, I am perversely excited by the prospect of global chaos. I think it may well happen.

  3. It may well happen, Fieldshooter but I agree with an article in The Economist, it could be exceedingly painful!

    “Once departure by Italy were a serious prospect, there would be runs on its banks as depositors scrambled to move savings to Germany, Luxembourg or Britain, in order to avoid a forced conversion into the new weaker currency. The anticipated write-down of private and public debts, much of which is held outside Italy, would threaten bankruptcy of Europe’s integrated banking system.

    There would be runs on other countries that might even consider leaving. A taboo would be broken. Credit would collapse.”

    I’m not convinced a change of government at this point would make much difference.

  4. Who could disagree with what you have said? No one with one braincell could do other than to consider that trying to ‘unite’ so many different countries, with different cultures, under one political and currency umbrella was plain daft.

    It was inevitable that countries with a firm economic base would be called upon to bail out those without. And even more inevitable that countries where people work to 65+ would get pretty fed up with seeing their resources being used to prop up countries where people retire at 50… Even the opposition here has used this fact to try to stop the Ozzie government borrowing money to prop up Greece and the other failing economies of Europe.

    Greece should have been pushed out if the Eurozone long ago – ideally, of course, it should never have been allowed in. I was always taught never to throw good money after bad – but why would the pollies of Europe worry – it isn’t their money they are throwing just the money of their electorates…

    It doesn’t surprise me that politicians the world over are a ‘bunch of deadbeats’. They may be elected to power, but are hamstrung by the dictates of multi-nationals who really pull the political strings.

    Nor does it surprise me that people are getting ‘restive’. They have been conned into believing that they are living in democracies – and their politicians seem hell-bent on promoting policies that act against their electorates’ wishes and best interests.

  5. “Whoever thought up the idea of the EU was a woolly headed idealist, who managed to get the backing of easily led politicians who could not rationally think things through.”

    To answer this part think of a little man in the 1930/40’s who wanted one Europe, one unelected government, one bank, one tax and one currency. He had a funny little moustache and tried his best to get his way.

    Now Europe is following his ideals, but they have done it slowly and by tricking a disillusioned electorate.

    As for honest politician that is I am afraid an oxymoron. with emphasis on moron.

  6. I see that Italy’s new PM is an unelected ex-Eurocrat, as is Greece’s, with Irelands new boss being very much pro EU

    The idea seems to be discredit the politicians (not a hard thing to do) and replace them with technocrats who will do as Brussels says.

    Bye bye democracy, hello communism. and the public are too blind to see it.

  7. I’m not sure that the public are blind, Rick. I doubt that the Greeks will accept the new austerity measures any more quietly than they accepted the last lot. And the fact that they are being imposed by a non-elected Eurocrat won’t make it any better. But, I guess you know better about the Greeks than I do!

  8. Sorry. Combination of money worries, inlaws all around me and a glass of red turms me into a nightmare.

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