Spring has nearly sprung!

The recent sunny, but cold, weather has persuaded the grass on the front and back lawns to make a tentative effort at starting to grow. As the weather forecast says it will be getting warmer and wetter, I thought I had better make sure the mower would start.

After half an hour struggling with the pull cord, dirty plug, and gunged up fuel filter, it finally staggered into life. Just at that moment, another load of global warming started falling from the sky. Doh!

Thank you

Thank you for allowing me to join, I shall try not to bore you all too much with my ramblings, anyway I am so busy these days that inbetween running another care home and trying to turn it around, shooting arrows and sleeping there is little time left for me to rant.

I have changed my username from one which many will remember, and some with disgust, thats cool, I have not changed one bit, I am still the same outspoken nasty b*****d I always was (or so my staff tell me, but what do they know?).

So guesses as to who I am could make for fun.