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Once upon a time, long ago I said I would write a piece on what I do as a hobby. My nickname here is an accurate description of what I love doing which is a form of archery called field shooting. This is very different from what you might see on the Olympics or what you might imagine archery as being, nice flat field, set distance, nice bright coloured target to shoot at, not for me, damn boring, I do it, but only when I can’t get to a field shoot, and the bloody weather today means I am writing not doing today!!!!

Field shooting often takes place in woods and all bowstyles are catered for, from Compound (Darkside), Recurve, Long Bow, and my style which is recurve barebow which means no sights (compound and recurve have sights) and I am very limited to what I can have on the bow, I use a method called string walking for various distances, basically this allows me to bring the rear of the arrow down for short distances.

Barebow archers shoot distances from 5mts -50mts and if you think shooting 5 mts is easy, the target is only 20cm and the gold no larger than a 10p piece, also we are often shooting up and down hill and have trees in awkward places, we also shoot from light to shade and visa versa, which can make things really interesting, think of this aiming uphill at a 80cm set 50mts away with trees either side of the target, shooting over a fallen tree and also shooting from heavy shade into bright sunlight where the target is set. That was a shot at All British and Open Field Shoot in 2009.

My first maximum second column on the left.

It is a fascinating sport as we get to shoot in some glorious areas of the country from Wales to Queen Elizabeth Park by Petersfield.

Author: fieldshooter

Now 57yrs old still working in the care of the elderly field, spend as much spare time shooting arrows in the woods. I enter many world ranking competitions and I am currently 178 in the world in the Masters Section (Old Farts). I am also currently leading the Winter Field Shoot League, but more by luck than judgement.

12 thoughts on “Archery Field Shooting”

  1. Well, what a Christmas treat this is, Helloooooo there young Dave. How are you? By the sounds of the lovely piece you’ve written here, you are doing just fine.
    I’m pleased your hobby is keeping you happy, stay around for a while, it’s so good to see you 😉

  2. On 2nd May you wrote: “I shall try to be more upbeat later on as I shall write a piece on fieldshooting, once I have finished the club newsletter.”

    I like a man who keeps his promises – it must have been quite a newsletter. 🙂

  3. Janus he has been too busy, or so he says to me when I phone him, note I say phone him and not him phone me.

    I think he is worried in case I ask him for that drink he owes me 😉

  4. Hi fieldsports. Thanks for this. I always find it interesting to read about other people’s interests/passions.

    Archery was yet another of the sports at which I failed to excel at school. The lowest point was when I tried to pull out an arrow from the target, forgetting to do the trick with the other hand. Pulled the target off the stand and wiped out one quarter of the entire stock of arrows in said school at one fell swoop.

    Field archery seems to me to have a lot in common lot with golf. A nice walk in pleasant surroundings with the odd bit of frustrating endeavour lobbed in for good measure. Sounds a total joy.

    Please ignore Janus’ anti-procrastination carping, by the way. It’s not his fault that he is just a terribly hasty sort of person. Smiley thing.

  5. In the attic of our old home lie the remains of a split bamboo longbow given to me as a child by one of our gardeners on the tea estate on which I lived as a child. Nothing too odd about that, you may think. But Gulu the Mali, was a murderer, whom my father employed after he had served his sentence. He had caught his young wife in flagrante with her lover, and promptly put one of his own handmade arrows through the pair of them. I often wondered as a child whether the bow I was given was newly made for me, or just one of his spare old ones…

  6. boadicea :

    Good to see you FS. :-)

    Like Sipu, I’m always interested in other people’s hobbies.

    Hi, Sipu. Glad to hear that you are allegedly, like me, ‘always interested in other people’s hobbies.’

    It must be a Jock thing!

    Smiley thing to Boa.

  7. Yes, good to see you FS.

    My daughters were very keen on the boring type of archery; but I suspect they would have preferred your sort.

  8. It requires great skill to have three golds in a row like that, so I am not surprised you are shooting in the All British Field Shoot: Good luck with your future efforts.
    You probably have little interest in shooting game, but I am guessing the sport must have grown from the prohibition in the UK against shooting game with bow and arrow in the 1960s, whereas in the States and through much of the rest of Europe, it continues to be a popular pursuit. It sounds like your hobby is as close to hunting for sport, as you can be, without live game as the target.

  9. Thanks one and all, I do not consider myself that good, and my age is against me getting much better, but my aim is to mix it with the ‘big’ boys at least once before my strength starts to recede, about 10 years if things go as planned.

    I have already started booking next years competitions, I hope to keep you informed with some pictures and maybe a few articles. If you get bored let me know.

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