You would think that in so called civilised western wealthy democracies that homelessness would be dealt with a degree of efficiency.

Not so, it is obvious that it is on the rise quite dramatically in Canada, Great Britain and the USA. It may well be happening elsewhere in Europe too, I do not know.  Stories reported recently here.  Four have died in Portland of hypothermia since the beginning of the year.  They have 8 immigrants in hospital in Toronto.  Stupid Africans who tried to walk across the border north from Minnesota at this time of year (-40 below) who have now lost hands, feet and digits from frostbite.  Heavens knows how many have died in BC.

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God, does it never stop?

Now that slug Cameron is being promulgated as a putative leader of Nato.  Can you imagine that vacillating lump of lard taking a stand against Putin or anyone else come to that?  The only stand he can manage is that where one takes potshots at poor unsuspecting pheasants that have no way of fighting back!  Probably can’t manage that without a loader either. (Arm the pheasants, send in the drones!!)

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On the flanks of Plynlimon(Pumlumon Fawr)

These pictures are from the left hand flank of Plynlimon, way North of us, just above the A44. but below Machynlleth. There is another reservoir/power station called Nant-y-Moch, very remote and inaccessible, absolutely no farms for miles, literally. But we did find a few sheep.



Much more bare up here, less forestry commission stuff especially on the tops.  Not much soil.  This is pretty typical, peneplaned old mountains ground down to stubs of their former selves.


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Ruminating Remainers

I am somewhat amused to see the ecstatic enthusiasm with which the Guardian readers are welcoming the thought of being able to remain as individuals within the EU.

Presumably this would take the form of a Visa or Eu passport for which they will have to pay.  What none of them consider is quite how much they will have to pay!  Will they have to use it or lose it?  All sorts of wrinkles there that may prove very expensive indeed.

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I have read today about the scandal of care workers not being paid for travel time and on zero rated hours.

People pay 16 per hour to the council, who subcontract to ‘for profit’ companies who pay the workers less than half of this.

Why do people not hire the care workers direct and get more for their money?  Why do care workers not make their own rounds of customers up and become self employed? People hire their own domestic cleaners direct why not care workers?  I understand this would not be a choice if you do not pay for care but seemingly most people have to contribute something per hour so why not?  Anyone got any insight into this?

If you ask me, zero rated hours should be made illegal, disgusting abuse of labour.

What happened to the Telegraph?

The front page is a copy from 31st March this year!  To my knowledge it has now been there for 13 hours since last night!

They must know, so probably been hacked and they can’t move it, reckon it is an inside job of a disgruntled employee.  It is so nice to see the old format and names rather than a horde of useless bints of 20 something snowflakes.

Latest NHS Malefaction

It appears from the papers that further restrictions are to be placed on availability of procedures within the NHS according to judgment as to ‘erroneous’ lifestyles by the powers that be.

Isn’t it about time the contributing population to said organisation got on their hind legs?  Since when is it morally or legally acceptable to decline service to those who have already paid?

Wogs from all corners of the earth are treated free, no effort whatsoever being made to collect payment.  Bizarre surgical renderings of people’s sexuality.  Tits enlarged or shrunk according to whim.  Anything seemingly except hip replacements or eye surgery to render life livable for the elderly, fat or smokers!  Especially if they are white!

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My Telegraph

What happened, it appears to have disappeared into the blue yonder?

Must have been whilst I was in Wales and I failed to notice.  Did it die without a whimper?

Anyone got any info on it all?There now appears to be no comment anywhere except the published letters or am I missing something?