God, does it never stop?

Now that slug Cameron is being promulgated as a putative leader of Nato.  Can you imagine that vacillating lump of lard taking a stand against Putin or anyone else come to that?  The only stand he can manage is that where one takes potshots at poor unsuspecting pheasants that have no way of fighting back!  Probably can’t manage that without a loader either. (Arm the pheasants, send in the drones!!)

I think it time the whole system is dumped in favour of the old dynastic Chinese administration.  Everyone had to pass the civil service exams, which were notoriously difficult, before they could gain any position in the government.  That would thin out the chumocracy with a vengeance.  I am so tired of the freeloaders at both the top and bottom of the UK social scale.  It is such a shame that the middle classes have no natural inclination to revolt or act in unison!

Disappears into blue yonder ranting and cursing.  Never mind, end of January and the greenhouse will start up again. Sewing seeds ameliorates the world!!

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

4 thoughts on “Chumocracy”

  1. Ah, but NATO has been led by has-beens for many years. The current head was unceremoniously dismissed from his former position by a much peeved Norwegian population. The former head had the sense to step down as PM of Denmark to take that position before he had to face a Viking electorate that was growing tired of him. Jaap de Hoop Sheffer stepped down as the Netherlands’ foreign minister before his star would have faded.

  2. Fine that.

    Your opinions, all of which are clearly heart felt.

    My opinion. unpopular as it may well be, is that we have had worse and that he genuinely believed that he could be a public servant who could make a difference. I still think that he was never in the game for either glory or profit.

    Admittedly, I did not vote for him to be Leader but I reconciled to his victory.

    We could, in my opinion, do worse than DC as NATO GenSec.

  3. The NATO GenSec is just a figurehead. In any case with Donald in the White House Dave will be kept well in check.

    Nevertheless I don’t like seeing these w*****s getting plum jobs on the basis of past failure.

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