My Telegraph

What happened, it appears to have disappeared into the blue yonder?

Must have been whilst I was in Wales and I failed to notice.Ā  Did it die without a whimper?

Anyone got any info on it all?There now appears to be no comment anywhere except the published letters or am I missing something?

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

23 thoughts on “My Telegraph”

  1. Hello Mrs. O. MyT was still there this am together with the few remaining inmates. The view is hardly worth the climb.
    The Telegraph stopped allowing comments on it’s main articles some time ago, reason unspecified, but perhaps related to moderation issues.

  2. Well i must be going gaga, I can’t find it anywhere. It used to be in a black box area at the very bottom of the page. Black box has gone.
    Not in opinion or in menu.
    If anyone knows how to get there please let me know.

  3. I can get into it by direct google of MyT, but can find no access from the Telegraph home page.
    Elucidation if possible please!!!

  4. Yes Christopher, I appreciate it but my point is there does not seem to be any mention of MyT on the Telegraph website!
    In other words they are trying to kill it off by denying access from the main site.
    See if you can find it from the website. I only could get in by going through the archive. But then I knew it existed, a new reader would not know of its existence and therefore would not look in archive!!!

  5. CO: MyT has been am embarrassment for some time and the staff seem to have been content to let it dwindle away to almost nothing. I suspect you’re right — they’re trying to kill it off.

  6. Bit of schadenfreude creeping in there J?
    Stop wisecracking and see if you can find it from the website or is it me genuinely going gaga?
    Its a plot I tell you!
    The massacre of the moderators!

  7. Sorry I misled you Mrs. O. I use the MyT url (see Christopher’s comment above) to get in. When comments were dropped from the main site articles the link to MyT went with them. Access was though the Comments section. Now only archived comments remain and the only access to MyT is through the Archive section via the black box at the bottom. I think they are hoping it will just go away.

  8. Mornin’ Christina. I am thoroughly ticked off with the DT and the only reason I am still reading it is that I paid the online subscription, which still has some months to run. I shall not be renewing it because,

    a) Despite me having paid the subscription, the DT will only allow access to the site if I disable AdBlocker.
    b) The standards of journalism are increasingly dire (Charles Moore honourably excepted).
    c) The content is aimed more and more at the MySpotyTwatFace generation of shallow headbangers.



  9. OZ: Re: AdBlocker. it seems to be the same with most subscription sites, even the Wall Street Journal makes it hard to work their site with AB on.

    The DT cryptic crossword is still pretty good.

  10. However…….I have just googled and entered

    Everything looks absolutely normal to me…… šŸ˜¦

  11. The DT claims it relies on ads to fund the site. This is patent bolleaux because I am getting some Portuguese ads in the mix and I am pretty certain they are not paying fees to the DT. Furthermore all the ads are without exception very slow to load making the site clunky and annoying. What they are doing with the subscription revenue is beyond me.

    I agree with LW about the cryptic crossword, but it ain’t worth an annual seventy something of my hard earned.


  12. Oz: in the last decade “targeted advertisements” have been growing in popularity. Multinational ad agencies pay the Telegraph to post relevant advertisements. I’ve seen Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Spanish, German and Swedish ads on the Telegraph. I’ve also seen the same advertisements re-phrased for different audiences depending on where I’ve been at the time.

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