Some Mid Wales sh/leepy pics

This is on the way up to Llyn Brianne, a dam just above Llandovery, about half an hour from where I hang out, plenty of sheep but very small down there


The dam itself is the headwaters of the Towy, a rockfall dam with a small power house at the bottom, mainly used for drinking water down towards the coast.  That spillway is something else in the winter a roaring churning seething mass of white.
Below the dam, very steep and no sheep in evidence
Now then, this is taken from the dam area. Over in the distance is that oval track round a little car parking area.  This I have mentioned in a previous blog as being the site of burning of stolen cars with or without dead bodies.  As you see, no fire hydrants and takes forever for the authorities to get here.  Hence why bother, just to collect the ashes!
A lot of forestry commission stuff up here too
When the lake is low, remains of old settlements can be seen, most of these valleys had farms and hamlets etc before they were flooded.  Viewing church spires in drought is a favourite late summer expedition en route to the pub.

Going up to Llyn Brianne is a necessary pilgrimage for me every time I go home.  Generally by myself, I like the serenity of it and the homeliness of the scale of the scenery.  The Cascades are all very well, but their sheer size makes them remote from humanity, one is not part of the environment just an onlooker.  Here one is integral to the landscape, nothing over 3000′

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Landed on one side safely.

5 thoughts on “Some Mid Wales sh/leepy pics”

  1. CO: I quite understand. One reason why Huns are obsessed with Scandinavia is its low population density. Germany isn’t really that much bigger than the UK and has 80,000,000 inhabitants. The Black Forest and Alpine Bavaria become crowded indeed.

  2. Yes, I don’t know Scandinavia at all but any pictures or film one sees makes it look very empty indeed. I used to drive through Germany a lot for business and it is as busy as most of England. Having been bought up in a very rural area I like my people in small quantities, can’t stand big crowds.
    I have declared a fatwah on shopping in December completely. (For at least the last ten years) Will not even go into Bellingham, I stockpiled everything in November and rely on the village of Everson and the allotment for everything else.
    Can’t believe people are actually willing to do it!
    Christmas presents were easy-NONE! Just one cheque to the dogs home we support! What does one actually want at our age, nothing! Generally trying to get rid of stuff!
    Give me emptiness any day of the week, but even I would not want to live this far out at my age, the nearest pub is ten miles away!

  3. Travelling through Sweden I noticed that most of the time there’s nothing but fields or forest. I heard that over 90pc of the Scandinavian kingdom is unpopulated. Denmark is a different story. It’s hardly the Netherlands but by Scandinavian standards it’s densely populated.

    I grew up in small towns and I also despise cities. I have lived in three cities — San Francisco, Huzhou and Madrid. I dislike the dense population. I prefer breathing and being alone. I’m chuffed that my old walking trail has been badly neglected so I am left entirely in peace.

    I very rarely leave this rural county. When I do, it is to the rural towns in the neighbouring country — there’s an excellent sausage shop 10 minutes from the county line. There’s also an excellent taco truck. Far better than the wanker in this county that has the nerve to put lettuce in a burrito. Ghastly people. Just because I’m from Europe doesn’t mean that I’m clueless in matters concerning proper Mexican food! Agreed vis-a-vis gifts. Is there any point? Not really, just junk.

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