Blogger anagrams

Each of the following comprises the jumbled names of three DnMyT bloggers, all of whom use the site quite a lot. Who are they?

1. On maniac’s objective death knell (isobelandcat, levent, john mackie – got by jaime)
2. A semidecay to a barbarian (bearsy, araminta, boadicea – got by jaime)
3. Booze and neat revulsion (valzone, soutie, brendano – got by zenrules)
4. Ingenuous, saner haze appeal
(papaguinea, sheona, zenrules – got by pseu)
5. A greatest powerful wet (low wattage, ferret, pseu – got by low wattage)

NB I am not suggesting that anyone is an alcoholic, a barbarian or a maniac (I got in trouble with anagrams once before πŸ™‚ .)

Author: Brendano

I am a 54-year-old freelance editor living in rural Ireland with my wife, Pauline; our 21-year-old daughter, Susanna (when she’s not away at university); and two terriers. Our son, Sean, died suddenly on 17 October 2010, aged 19.

29 thoughts on “Blogger anagrams”

  1. Soutie, you’re in no. 3, but I wasn’t thinking of the others (who may be elsewhere ;-)).

    Each letter of each name appears just once.

  2. ZR, your 3 is correct … well done. The others may be partly correct, but aren’t fully correct.

  3. LW

    I heard today that Budweiser have pulled out of their sponsorship of fifa2010 in Africa, apparently SAB Miller took it over.

    They never had a chance, will investigate later and report back.

  4. LW

    It appears that Bud have given up

    β€œA-B InBev isn’t well represented in South Africa,” said Mackay today. β€œThey’ve a minimal market presence. It might be difficult for them to get the logistics.”

    SAB has around a 90% share of the South African market, more HERE

    They appear to be keeping their exclusivity in the stadiums, but they haven’t a chance anywhere else!

  5. Brendan: That’s OK then, Wet, forsooth!

    Soutie: Probably a good move if few people knew the brand, probably think BUD is some kind of flower juice (not far off true IMHO). So you can sip your Carling now in your free seats? If the beer prices are anything like those here at major stadia, it will still be an expensive seat (Major Baseball beer is about $10/12 oz serving)

  6. Howzit LW

    Ja well, just thought that I’d update you, you have no idea how ‘big brands’ who disinvested in the ‘old days’ just can’t get a foothold here, Marlboro, Pepsi, Barclays, just to name a few.

    S.A. is without doubt the gateway to the African market but those who left just can’t get back in!

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