11 thoughts on “An ill wind …”

  1. Brendano
    That’s the smart play that will be long remmebered after the dust has settled (no pun intended) as will the slimey bar stewards who have made huge profits from the misery of other stranded travellers and whom I trust will be named and shamed by the media.

  2. I have absolutely no doubt that stranded tourists would be well looked after here. I could comfortably accommodate 4, I’d consider it a pleasure.

  3. True, OMG .. it’s an opportunity to generate some goodwill (or badwill).

    Yes, Soutie, people tend to rise to the occasion. I’ve taken in waifs and strays before. Particularly important here, as ‘Irish hospitality’ is one of the selling points and tourism is a big industry.

  4. Brendan it reminds me of a time back in 1995, I was doing the Dublin trip every week and loved it.
    Then one Thursday my boss came with me, when we arrived back at Dublin airport they asked if they could bump us till the following morning, put us in a hotel B&B (The Gresham if I remember) plus 60 Punts each in compensation. I was up for it but the miserable little Japanese boss refused saying we had a meeting at 9.30 the following day and we would be half an hour late.

    Boring fart.

  5. Thanks, for that, Christina and Rick.

    Rick, I can see the attraction of an extra night in Dublin, and the Gresham is nice and central, so that was a bit of a shame.

    I haven’t spent a night in Dublin in ages (day trips only) … must try to rectify that soon.

  6. Brendan, neither have I last time was 96 to a friends wedding.

    Did Northern Ireland year before last and that was lovely for a weeks holiday.

  7. Brendano; hello; nice post here! Does not surprise me at all. My big sis lives in Dublin and even though she says it is expensive etc etc, I am always insanely jealous when we go to visit because everyone is so incredibly welcoming and they have all these cool music things going on all the time.

  8. Hello Claire and Boadicea.

    Claire, we had a ‘cool music thing’ in the pub last night, as it happens. Lots of singers, guitars, etc. Three kids of about 17 – two boys and a girl – showed up and proved to be brilliant musicians … they played loads of traditional stuff on banjo, fiddle, accordion and guitar. There is lots of talent about. And of course it’s true that people are generally very friendly and welcoming in Ireland. I’ve already done a good turn for some strangers today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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