Three coffee songs

Here are three songs with ‘coffee’ in the title. The first is a Bob Dylan one, ‘One More Cup of Coffee’, from the Mexican-flavoured Desire album, released in the mid-seventies during his second creative peak. Bizarrely, the Dylan version isn’t available on YouTube, but this one by the White Stripes is pretty good … it doesn’t have Scarlet Rivera’s violin or Emmylou’s harmonies, but it retains a touch of Mexican mystery.

Next up is ‘Black Coffee in Bed’ by Squeeze – a bunch of young (then) East London kids that The Bulletin liked – he used to go to see Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook playing in a pub. This one is dedicated to him.

I don’t think any British band apart from The Beatles and (possibly) The Kinks has been as good with a melody as Squeeze. It’s a late one from the band, and one of their best, I think. Real early eighties music.

Finally, something of an oddity … a Bob Marley track that isn’t reggae, but ska – ‘One Cup of Coffee’. This is from the early sixties – my son, a huge Marley fan, introduced me to it. It’s irresistibly catchy.

Author: Brendano

I am a 54-year-old freelance editor living in rural Ireland with my wife, Pauline; our 21-year-old daughter, Susanna (when she’s not away at university); and two terriers. Our son, Sean, died suddenly on 17 October 2010, aged 19.

16 thoughts on “Three coffee songs”

  1. I was just listening to your White Stripes one – love them btw, but it nearly woke the kids up!

  2. Just think of it as inculcating good musical taste, Claire. 🙂

    Thanks, cpb … it’s an awfully long time since I saw that movie (in the cinema when it first came out). It was made during the Rolling Thunder tour, I think … soon after Desire, and in a very fruitful musical phase for Dylan.

    The original studio version is good too, imo.

    Goodnight all.

  3. Good for her, Claire. Mine is 16 and a serious dancer too. 🙂 No ice cream vans out here in the sticks, though.

  4. Brendano – I will take these coffees in the morning! Nice post. The Marley one has perked me up and reminds me of Railton Road, Brixton from the 60’s – so many gentle rhythyms pulsating from record players in shops and doorways.

  5. Thanks for that, PG … I’m having my first coffee now. 🙂 Yes, the Marley one is very simple and pure … doesn’t even sound like him. I like it a lot … in fact a lot of his early, less known stuff is very good.

    According to my son, his death was indirectly the result of a toe injury he suffered playing football … he was a pretty good footballer.

  6. Claire, if she’s taking after her mum she won’t go far wrong. 🙂

    PG, apparently a broken toe led to his cancer. (I had a badly broken toe myself once … got the bottom half amputated and the top half stuck back on.)

  7. I saw Squeeeze at Kiddy College before they were famous. They were good then too. (About 1978 or 9?)

  8. Thanks for that, Pseu … I remember the Hazel O’Connor one … a good one.

    I have a Squeeze ‘singles’ CD – they released their first single (‘Take Me I’m Yours’) in 1978 and their last (‘Annie Get Your Gun’) in 1982. (There may have been later reunions.)

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