Getting nearer to home

They are evacuating Strathpine, which is our nearest large shopping centre, and the local radio was also telling us of several major roads being closed in our vicinity.   The back-road that I mentioned in an earlier comment, on which I returned from the Doctor’s, was closed hours ago.   So we thought we’d do a little rubber-necking and have a look at the overflow from our local reservoir, Lake Samsonvale.

Not a hope, all the small roads leading to the dam were waterlogged and we had to make do with a car park on the edge of the lake.   Those trees are usually 20 – 30 metres from the water – it’s pretty full.   There were flocks of pelicans enjoying themselves, and three black swans were out of the lake asking people to feed them.   No pictures, because I wasn’t going to get out of the car.

It’s still coming down by the bucket-load; the Bureau of Meteorology is on overtime trying to expand its computer models to predict where and how large the floods will be.

While we were lakeside, #1 daughter phoned to say she was home because the CBD has been closed down, and that her eldest step-daughter (18) was stranded in the next suburb, which is cut off.

Noah’s second coming?   Feels like it!

There are too many articles, videos and photos to link – just have a look at the front page of the Brisbane Times.

Oi Christina, ‘ave a butchers at this

Minutes before, this was an ordinary High Street

Without warning, a wall of water swept through Dent Street in Toowoomba, tumbling cars as though they were leaves, some with occupants.

Oh yes, Queenslanders are just “showing off”, as one Charioteer said recently.   They’re not real floods, just a few puddles.   Yeah, right.

They don’t like dogs

Boadicea and I were watching the news this evening, a short article about an army handler’s dog that had been lost for weeks in Afghanistan, but had been found and reunited with his human partner.   There were cute pictures of dog and man, both obviously delighted to be together again.

This really brought it home to us – Muslim’s don’t like dogs; they call them “unclean” and shun them.   That does it for us.

Every Muslim in the whole wide world is condemned.   They are not dog-lovers, and anyone who doesn’t like dogs should be exiled to the outer darkness.

No reprieve, no remission.   Islam is declared anathema until every adherent acquires a six-week-old puppy and gets enthusiastically licked.

Bearsy has spoken!

No, the site is not to blame (article now complete)

No, Val, I’m not shouting at anyone.   All I’m trying to do is to help all you Charioteers get the best out of this site.

Those with super-fast broadband don’t have to worry about download times, but those with slow connections do; even Boadicea and I, with a medium-fast ADSL1 connection, get extended times with really large files.   We are all affected by being profligate with WordPress storage, and we all want our photographs to display on our colleagues monitors with the best possible quality, don’t we?

So here is a detailed tutorial on pictures, file sizes and formats, download times, compression techniques and browser rendering engines.   I urge you all to read it – it’s in simple English – even those one or two of you who know as much, or more than I do about the subject (because you can correct my errors).   I’ve left out a lot of detail where I think it doesn’t matter, and I’ve rounded many of the figures (so please don’t attack the maths).   If you want to know more, there’s lots on the web – here’s a possible starting point.

You will find the tutorial here, and on the menu bar, as a submenu under ‘Images’.


Do NOT even think of reading this

Why Julia lost the Ashes


Some of you disregarded my advice on a previous article and were shocked and offended by Australian humour and Australian vocabulary.

Today’s antipodean article is written by a more literary bloke, and is hilarious if you genuinely understand down-under politics and cricket.

The comments and the author’s responses to the comments are mirth-making too, to those of us that have had the lobotomy.

I emphasise that all those who sneered at the earlier offering from The Punch should avoid this one like the plague.   John Mackie, Soutie and Sheona may possibly find it entertaining – or perhaps even they may not.

You have been warned.   If you ignore the warning and then complain, you will be probably soundly abused and insulted – and Boadicea will not protect you! 😀

Don’t read this article …

Don’t read this article in “The Punch” if you are unable to cope with Australian vocabulary and Australian humour.

Don’t click on the picture to access the link if you’re an up-tight Pom, even an expatriate up-tight Pom, unless you’re prepared to be amused by off-beat, tongue-in-cheek commentary.

If you click in error, close the page before you read the article.

If you do read it, don’t slag me off, I didn’t write it.

John Mackie may possible enjoy it – but I could be wrong.