More about Images for Pseu, Val and everyone else (updated)

Well done!

Please will everyone read these notes all the way through; they are quite long, but you may find just the thing you need.

Most people appear to have mastered the arcane skill of adding pictures to comments.
The roll of honour includes –

  • Val
  • Pseu
  • Araminta
  • Bilby
  • Boadicea (of course!   She knows her HTML!)
  • Sipu
  • Low Wattage
  • Rick

Special award to Araminta and Bilby who have sussed out (clever girls) that if you want properly balanced margins, you need to set the width of the image to 592 rather than 600.

I believe Ferret is happy with the process, but I haven’t found an example to check – perhaps I’ve missed it?
I’m sure Soutie knows exactly how to do it, too, but again there’s no example.

Some people are still having trouble.
I have corrected everyone’s mistakes, but please read what I had to do, it may help –

  • ColdWaterJohn – you set the width to 640 instead of 600 (or 592); probably just a typo.
  • Bravo – you forgot to set the width.
  • Tocino – Haven’t a clue what your problem is because all the evidence has disappeared.   Persevere and the next time leave the comment where it is so that I can help.   I have entered your picture for you.
  • Bootsy – I think you’re probably OK with this, apart from typos.   I have edited and re-uploaded your oversize file for you.   I have also made sure that both your entries are properly visible on Pseu’s post; you’ll have to choose which one you want.   Ferret had miscorrected your first attempt, so I corrected it in situ – that is, it appears under his name.
  • Janus – I have edited and re-uploaded your oversize file for you, reinstated your post and placed your entry into Pseu’s post.   Please be more patient, I cannot attend to everyone immediately.   Your problem with understanding stored size as against display size has been answered in your post.   Others may also find the explanation useful, so don’t delete it again, there’s a good chap.

The instructions are now on the menu bar.

Using Galleries and Slideshows from the Media Library
Especially for Val

  1. Create your new post, giving it a title and clicking on the ‘save draft’ button.
  2. Go to the media Library, find the picture(s) you want and click on ‘Attach’ in the ‘Attached to’ column.
  3. Enter the title of your post, then click on ‘Search’.
  4. Locate your post in the list that appears, click on the little round button to select it, then click ‘Select’.
  5. The next time you try to add an image in your post, you will have a Gallery in the usual way.

Please ask for further explanations if you don’t understand.   There are other ways of doing it !!

Extra notes for Pseu

The widget in the sidebar now links to your chosen post for this week’s entries.

I have changed your post, replacing your C&P of my instructions with a link to the instruction page.   There is a technical reason for this – the WordPress ‘shortcode’ code does not copy and paste into post editors correctly (from the visual tab – it does from the HTML tab), so your post, although it looked almost, but not quite, right, had a load of duff HTML behind it.   Hope you don’t mind.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

24 thoughts on “More about Images for Pseu, Val and everyone else (updated)”

  1. Thank you Bearsy. I had no idea that my idea of a photo comp would cuase you so much extra work. It is much appreciated. I presume that the ‘widget in the side bar’ is the camera picture you can click on….

    Will try to follow all instructions to the letter.

  2. Bearsy,

    You’re a star, many thanks. I don’t have a problem with re-sizing or the Media business. What I can’t get my head around is posting in comments. If I cut and paste your link and then try to edit it, it just will not work. It really isn’t such a big deal for me though. I will just stick with what I know. 🙂


  3. Tocino – Just paste the url and some text to draw my attention and I’ll do it for you – or Boa or Soutie will. 🙂

  4. Bearsy – I do hope to join the roll of honour. Credit to all those that have accomplished the task and special thanks to you for attention to detail and good old plain English! (I bet you have to work at these instructions.)

  5. Phew, and I thought this blogging lark was a relaxing pastime 🙂

    Thank you Bearsy, I will try to abide and follow your instructions to the letter…..don’t hold your breath though, I am blonde remember 🙂

  6. Thanks the Bear,

    I would have resized bootsies pic but I don’t got da permissions.

    All I could do was fix the link, she left the start code out.

  7. Bearsy :

    Tocino – Just paste the url and some text to draw my attention and I’ll do it for you – or Boa or Soutie will. :-)

    Many thanks.

  8. Hi Tocino

    Bearsy’s just gone to bed – he sat up really late last night! I shan’t be here much longer – so post the URL and one of us will sort it out so you know what to do in future.

    It isn’t hard – but, like a lots of things, it’s only after you’ve done you see how easy it is. 🙂

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