No, the site is not to blame (article now complete)

No, Val, I’m not shouting at anyone.   All I’m trying to do is to help all you Charioteers get the best out of this site.

Those with super-fast broadband don’t have to worry about download times, but those with slow connections do; even Boadicea and I, with a medium-fast ADSL1 connection, get extended times with really large files.   We are all affected by being profligate with WordPress storage, and we all want our photographs to display on our colleagues monitors with the best possible quality, don’t we?

So here is a detailed tutorial on pictures, file sizes and formats, download times, compression techniques and browser rendering engines.   I urge you all to read it – it’s in simple English – even those one or two of you who know as much, or more than I do about the subject (because you can correct my errors).   I’ve left out a lot of detail where I think it doesn’t matter, and I’ve rounded many of the figures (so please don’t attack the maths).   If you want to know more, there’s lots on the web – here’s a possible starting point.

You will find the tutorial here, and on the menu bar, as a submenu under ‘Images’.


Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

14 thoughts on “No, the site is not to blame (article now complete)”

  1. Morning Bearsy, brilliant summary, thanks!

    By the way, my ‘little’ Sony is ‘only’ 6Mpx (sob!) and my phone is right up there with yours at 3.2!

  2. Yes, excellent, Bearsy, I understood almost every word.

    Patience is my middle name. 🙂

    I think I will concentrate on getting the file the right size in the first place, or just linking them which presumably doesn’t take up any space in the Media Library on this site.

  3. Oh dear! I think I’ll stick to words.
    What I do wonder, is why it is a problem here and not on Outdoors?
    Just asking since they are both wordpress sites.

  4. Fair do’s!
    Me and my union has made it into an art form what I do not ‘do’.
    I have my list and stick to it like glue, whether I am capable or not is not at question.
    One’s rules must be immutable otherwise ”im indoors'(any model) does less and less!
    Computers strictly fall into this sphere as you may have gathered.
    Somehow, one never feels a pressing need to put any pics in comments, I don’t anywhere else either as a total matter of principle.
    I shall take your advice and blithely ignore all instructions and admonishments on the subject, I think you may need a drink!

  5. You have in the past been a leading publisher of pictures, Christina, with great success, too. But no matter. Have a great New Year! 😎

  6. My little Olympus says it has 14 mega pixels. That’s probably why I cause mayhem then? I must try harder in 2011 😦

  7. Excellent Bearsy, I shall keep referring back to all your instructions as and when the need arises, and they arise most of the time.
    I just assumed a site slowness, because when flicking across other posts with images, they loaded instantly. Apologies for incorrect assumptions, I would go and stand in the corner, but I’m getting fed up with that position 🙂 🙂 Plus, I can’t carry out my task as judge if I’m stood in that soddin corner 🙂
    Good on yer matey.

  8. If I could add one small thing Bearsy, before making any changes to your photographs, always make a copy of the original, and work with the copy, just in case errors occur.

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