6 thoughts on “This was Toowoomba”

  1. Why on earth would people leave their cars next to a river when floods were a distinct possibility?
    Bit Darwin award isn’t it? I presume it had been raining hard there for some time or maybe not?

  2. That river was a tiny little creek a couple of hours earlier. Easy to be wise after the event, and yes it had been raining for weeks, but nobody anticipated the flash flood in that location.

    There’s a little creek just like that next to the car park at my doctor’s surgery. It was bigger than usual and flowing fast, but I left my car there for half an hour. Perhaps it was … unwise? 😕

  3. Lot to be said for paying attention in geography classes!
    Actually I don’t suppose they even teach that kind of real geography anymore.

  4. It all can happen very fast indeed – Muscat is particularly prone to flash flooding – huge mountains ranges behind it with narrow wadi beds emerging into the sea in the Muscat area, maes for some pretty dramatic flood disaster scenarios, on a fairly regular basis. I posted some pix of the impact of Gonu on Muscat on my own blog a few weeks back. Nowadays they evacuate homeowners from areas most likely to be affected, and they built several recharge dams upstream across the dried river beds. These hold back the bulk of the water, but are designed to overflow at a certain point, whilst the bulk of water is soaked up to recharge the underground aquifers. If it’s going to dump 10 inches on you, virtually anywhere, it has the makings of a catastrophe – you don’t need to be the foolish virgin who built in a flood plain, to be affected. Landslides, and avalanches and all sorts of other excitement await you, not just flooding…

  5. A report in the London press from a few days ago, sorry, no linky, stated that thousands would drown in London IF 5.4 inches of rain fell in 1 hour on Hampstead Heath. I love it when journo’s play IF, I might have a go myself, how about, BILLIONS AT RISK OF DEATH…IF the moon fell out of it’s orbit tonight.

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