Boadicea has a new home

It was time to get rid of Bearsy (sob!).   It’s Boadicea’s site, so it deserved her name in the address bar.

While we were at it, it seemed sensible to drop the ‘WordPress’ bit as well.   So Boadicea’s Chariot now has its own domain

Now, don’t worry about it if you don’t understand.   You can still access The Chariot by typing ‘’ into your browser, or by clicking on a ‘bookmark’ or ‘favourite’ or ‘shortcut’ that contains that link/url.   But the easiest way now is to type‘ and if you tell anyone new about the site, or want to give them a link to Boadicea’s place, that’s what you should tell them.

It still is a WordPress site, exactly the same as before, with exactly the same facilities, but it now appears in Boadicea’s name, on her domain.   That’s better, isn’t it? 😀

Hackers please note – it’s a privately registered domain, so you can’t access any personal details.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

13 thoughts on “Boadicea has a new home”

  1. Well done Bearsy although I was quite comfortable with the old one.

    My daily coffee shop underwent a face-lift over Christmas and reopened on Monday, as I’m there every day and perhaps one of their most regular customers I’m often asked what I think, well I’m pleased for the owners but to be honest as long as the standards and service are maintained I’m not really fussed!

    Although it is said that a change is as good as a holiday!

  2. Does that mean you can introduce advertisers to the site now? I’m not suggesting it, just askin’!

  3. No! We don’t have sufficient traffic – and even if we did I wouldn’t like the place cluttered with adverts.

  4. okay I have a problem with this. I cannot access this using Firefox. It keeps telling me to log into wordpress, and I am logged into wordpress.
    I am using Chrome to do this and I dislike Chrome almost as much as Internet Explorer.

  5. Rick – My Firefox is working just fine. Try s shut-down restart of yout pooter and if that doesn’t work do an uninstall-reinstall exercise on Firefox. If none of that does the trick, ask Bearsy!



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