They don’t like dogs

Boadicea and I were watching the news this evening, a short article about an army handler’s dog that had been lost for weeks in Afghanistan, but had been found and reunited with his human partner.   There were cute pictures of dog and man, both obviously delighted to be together again.

This really brought it home to us – Muslim’s don’t like dogs; they call them “unclean” and shun them.   That does it for us.

Every Muslim in the whole wide world is condemned.   They are not dog-lovers, and anyone who doesn’t like dogs should be exiled to the outer darkness.

No reprieve, no remission.   Islam is declared anathema until every adherent acquires a six-week-old puppy and gets enthusiastically licked.

Bearsy has spoken!

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

29 thoughts on “They don’t like dogs”

  1. There is a theory that humans might not have survived without dogs and also that the wolf theory may not be correct.

  2. It has been said that you might get away with making a pass at a man’s wife. But kick his dog and…..!!!!!!

  3. Jazz – Dogs are but a genetic abomination. If you have a wolf chained to your tree nothing is going to rob you – trust me on this, it will be very, very p*ssed off to start with. A dog, by comparison, will want nothing but a biscuit.


  4. Toc, the Chinese eat anything. There is a saying about the Southern Chinese, (a Chinese saying,) ‘If it turns it’s back to heaven, the Cantonese will eat it.’

  5. I’m off to Hong Kong (and other places) in October Bravo. Last time I was there was in 73.

  6. Bloody cheek isn’t it?
    Unclean, most dogs are a damned sight less smelly than their filthy burkhas!
    Most of them are disgusting smelly filthy creatures and you should see the garbage in the streets of their part of Brum.
    Needs a nice cleansing firestorm!

  7. Good post Bearsy. Much as I love the kittens and am trying hard to understand them, in essence I am still a dogless dog person.

  8. I’m not sure a human can understand cats, janh1. I recently visited a friend who has a ginger puss from the rescue centre. He has been very unfriendly to almost everyone who visits, but in no time was on my lap purring furiously. Go figure!

    There was a news item a few months ago about a blind Muslim girl in the US who had saved up to get a guide horse, because her parents wouldn’t accept a guide dog. It was a small horse, not something John Wayne could have ridden, but nevertheless would probably had trouble with stairs, elevators and such. Do Muslims not believe that Allah created dogs as well as cats, horses, etc. Stupid “religion”.

  9. janus, my son did his PhD in Brum, I still own his flat in the downtown area.
    PS the ragheads live mainly in the East of Brum, the blacks to the N and the whites to the W!
    We used to have to go through the raghead section to get to his lung man at Heartlands hospital.
    Never seen filth like it in the streets.
    They used to camp out at the hospital, squatting on the floor by the dozen, very much a case of the caravanserai stopping for the night, eating their stinking food and wafting their stinking rags around. Wonderful olfactory experience for the poor sods with lung disease that!!
    A whole kennel of dogs would have been cleaner!

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