Comic for O Zangado (and Tocino)

They say, whoever they are, that a picture is worth a thousand words.   So here are three pictures, and some words too.

The comic strip can now be found on the menu bar. Hover your mouse over the word “Images” and you will find “How to – with pictures” in the drop-down menu.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

13 thoughts on “Comic for O Zangado (and Tocino)”

  1. Bearsy you are the King! I was going to post yesterday asking you if you were a teacher, so clear your instructions are, so User Friendly, so helpful. I know that when I attempt to put a picture up I CAN RELY on your instructions. No doubt these pictures will help an old duffer like myself. OZ is right on one thing though, many men don’t bother to read instructions, they think they can guess there way through it. As they tell me at school, use the broken record technique “Read the instructions” “Read the instructions”, “Read the Instructions” ….. but but but …. NO BUTS …. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

    You deserve a fkg medal.

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m terrified now. If I make a booby, after all these instructions, I’m outer here.
    Only joking Bearsy, this info is spot on, thank you. If I were closer, I’d buy you a beer.

  3. Crikey, Bearsy… this is brill.

    I find to have two tabs open helps, so you can flip between the instructions and the actions!

  4. Oh Toc, this is breathtakingly beautiful, not just the scene itself, but everything else with it; the reflections are stunning. I also like the only visible sign of another colour, are the signs on the trees, or are they poles? it matters not anyway. Stunning.
    Congrats on sizing too.

  5. The signs are on poles Val. Bearsy taught me very early on about the size business. In actual fact, it made me learn more about my Apple Mac and the fact that I could re-size and export directly from there. I managed to grasp all that, far quicker than inserting an image.

  6. Brilliant JW! And all done in the time I was telling you that you could have as many shots as you liked!

  7. Oh, a comic. I’ll read it, then

    Huge smiley and genuine thanks for all the techie support. I really will read it all, honest….soon…..just before putting a bullet in my head. 😀


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