A Month of 20/20

It’s fair to assume that the cricket lovers in this house prefer Test match cricket over the other formats and rightly so. Still, T20 is the only game in town at the moment. The T20 World Cup starts tomorrow in India with a few juicy ties.

Hong Kong v Zimbabwe

Afghanistan v Scotland

These are, what the organisers have called, group stage matches. The big boys don’t come into play until later, in the Super 10 phase. Understandably, the winner usually comes from one of the bigger teams. This time round I’m going to stick my neck out and pick an outsider. For me, England can go all the way. And if not them I hope it’s The Netherlands.


7 thoughts on “A Month of 20/20”

  1. Yes, Test cricket is the real McCoy – and Australia is top of the ICC table again, of course. 🙂

    ODI is a different style of cricket, but it can be quite absorbing – and Australia is way top of the table in this form, too.

    T20 on the other hand is a horse of an entirely different colour, a grand short spectacular with lights, fireworks, girls in short skirts and tremendous audience participation. I’ve loved it from the first “Big Bash” match that Boadicea and I attended at the ‘Gabba a few years back.

    But predicting a winner for the World Cup is nigh on impossible. We’re at sixth in the table right now, and England is one point above us at fifth, but tomorrow night’s decider against South Africa could have an impact. Did you watch us chase down 204 on Sunday night? Edge-of-the-seat stuff, that was !!

    But it will be great fun and I shall watch as many matches as I can – may the best team win (even if it’s not us). 🙂

  2. Bearsy, you young nationalist you! The best test cricket is the Ashes at which Oz struggles to excel. I’d like to see some T20 matches but can’t. 😥

  3. You just wait till some bloody immigrant gives a fatal disease to all willow trees!

  4. Evening Bearsy,

    You’re right, picking a winner is difficult. The previous five tournaments have all had a different champion.

    The SA/Aus games are not available in the UK and I think my pirate website that streams all the games has been chopped. Good luck in the decider. I missed today’s games so didn’t see Scotland yet again have a glorious failure. On my days off I’ll see the games live. Failing that, I’ll make do with the highlights shows at night.

    The Netherlands are playing tomorrow. Come on le oranje

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