A pictorial explanation for my lack of posts during the last few days.

First Storm starting Friday February 5th
26 inches of snow in 40 hours.

Second storm starting Tuesday February 9th
20 inches of snow in 36 hours

The large lump in front of the shovel contains my gas grill.

Minimal entrance clearance.

Obligatory four-wheel drive transport device.

Snow still falling as late yesterday.

Lovely morning today

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

22 thoughts on “A pictorial explanation for my lack of posts during the last few days.”

  1. Gosh, that is serious snow, LW! I’m not surprised by your blogging absence. Just thinking of the shovelling makes me feel exhausted. Very photogenic, though. 🙂

  2. Oh, OK, Low Wattage: excuse accepted 🙂 A serious amount of snow! Lovely pictures though but I bet it caused a bit of a disruption in reality.

  3. 46″!!

    You are not trying hard enough!
    Double it immediately to convince the world that AGW is here alive and kicking and still filling Al Gore’s pockets!
    Perhaps we should have a whip round to cryogenically freeze Al Gore and his merry band in mid-whine and stand them for posterity on a melting glacier?
    Ooops they’ve all melted, or have they?

  4. Bilby, Ara: Most people sensibly stayed at home. I did venture out with the truck to get fuel for my tractor and snowblower, followed the snowplow into town and back.

    Serious disruption yes, the driveway is six hundred feet and the road is private for the first quarter mile (all up hill). Two of us worked all day Sunday with two tractors (one with a snowblower, one with a plow) a full size JCB, and a Jeep with plow on it, to clear four laneways and the road. We now have a broken snowblower, a Jeep blowing oil through a fractured oil filter and a JCB with frozen ignition. But spring is on the way?

  5. Christina: Small snow compared with the Rockies, in Canada we called this “a dusting”.

    In a “normal” year we might get 20 inches of snow total here, this year we are 74 inches and counting, more snow forecast for Monday. Global Warming my ass, and I wish it would after sitting on that tractor all day.

  6. LW quite! Just a nice ElNino!
    We haven’t had a flake! and seriously dry for us, we shall have problems with water supply in the summer. At least those on municipal supply will, we won’t personally.
    Rain is expected on Vancouver for the next 4 days, in buckets, why they ever put some of the Olympic venues by the coast is ridiculous it should all have been up in Whistler.
    Read the Vancouver Sun!
    A suitable reward for their non stop hubris, quite amusing.
    The old Greeks knew a thing or two!

  7. LW, you must move! Joking. Droughts and occasional (minor) floods I have coped with; snow is rather alien and not at all comfortable to my mind. I truly wish you an early Spring! 🙂

  8. Hello Ferret, ironic isn’t in it, all those skiers and snow machines and no snow. Meanwhile down here we share one snowplow between two states and this week it was New Jerseys turn. Course it’s a bit difficult to organize downhill events in a state with a high point of 440 feet (Delaware).

  9. God, that is a proper snowfall…so pictorial, but such a flippin’ nuisance. They’ve forecast more for next week apparently…

  10. Hard to believe that while you are overwhelmed we here are suffering a drought!

    We have all sorts of water restrictions in force, each household is restricted to 500 litres per day. Been through it before and I have no doubt that it will happen again.

    My children have never seen snow!

    Great pictures https://i0.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/happy-smiley-541.gif

  11. Now I know why I live in Queensland … it looks beautiful, but I could not cope with all that cold.

  12. LW, you’re in Delaware, aren’t you? That landscape looks so familiar.

    I spoke to my brother in Virginia and friends in St.Mary’s County who are dealing with those two incredible back-to-back snowstorms, too – This weekend will be the fourth cancellation due to weather of a drive down there.

    Meanwhile, upstate New York is getting very little snow.

  13. Number one son and daughter-in-law live in Arlington VA, and they have been somewhat inconvenienced by some 30 inches of snow. The local council apologised that it took up to 30 hours to get some roads clear. In the UK, our local council did bugger all about 6 inches of snow in over a week, except on main roads!

  14. Hello Soutie: One of the very few advantages of living out here in the woods is that I am self sufficient as far as water goes, I have a pumped well about 150 feet deep, and as the surface of the bay is 10 feet below my front door I doubt the well will ever run dry. Not much water in snow however, a foot of snow is usually less than an inch of water as a rough rule. Everything considered I could well live without snow.

  15. Marinaid: I have a house in Delaware, this is a weekend place in Maryland (eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay). The weather is identical, as is the scenery in general.
    The DC area has suffered as bad as us or worse, Baltimore was the epicentre of these storms.

    FEEG: Greetings I do not think we have met. I have young relatives in Arlington, (recent ex-pats) they were pleasantly surprised by the local authority response down there they do throw the money at these events with the same enthusiasm as they throw it at failed banks.

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