Sevens rugby, 2011 – P.E.

My programme

Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage watching international rugby right here in the Eastern Cape in the middle of December.

This week was historically reserved for the first of our summer holiday cricket tests, always played at St. George’s Park and always well attended. That was until the thieving, fraudsters who now run S.A. cricket sold out to bigger unions. ‘Our’ test is now going to be played up in Pretoria, most Pretoria residents are now on holiday and probably at the coast enjoying the sunshine and beaches or off at a game park, there will be nobody at Centurion but when has common sense ever prevailed over administrators lining their pockets?

Back to the rugby.

The 2 day event is billed as ‘Rugby’s biggest party’ take my word for it, it is!

What a day, what an event, rugby like you’ve never seen, non stop action, 21 games yesterday, starting at 11:15am finishing with the final just after 8pm.

Party, party, party, music, music, music, dancing girls, the most amazing camaraderie that I’ve witnessed both in the stands and on the field, ever.

It all took place at our brand new (okay, it’s 18 months old now) stadium built for the FIFA 2010 world cup, The Nelson Mandela Bay stadium.

Below is a pictorial of my day (yes ladies, it’s not all about rugby but the day, feel free to have a look :))

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Bok rugby jersey and ANC meddling

I've got one of these

While watching the anthems at tomorrow’s Boks v Wales match you may notice during the performance of our anthem some Bok supporters clutching either their right breast with their left hand, or clutching their left sleeve with their right.

Let me explain…

Our jersey for over a hundred years has looked like the one depicted on the left, Springbok emblem over the heart (it was combined with a Protea perhaps 10 years or so ago.)

Not good enough for the power crazed ANC government, they insisted that we ditch the Springbok and replace it with the Protea, as our cricketers and (I think) all other national sports have.

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Rugby World Cup 2011 in NZ – an amateur pundit goes on record

Not a blog for all I fancy, so if not your cup of tea, do feel free to ignore! Although, to attract some of our members, here is a free look at the greatest Number 10 currently playing, young Daniel Carter. A lovely chap, I have met him, he’s very polite and shy:

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Super Rugby to respect Christchurch victims

Red and black armbands

Those of you watching this weekends Super Rugby matches may be wondering about the red and black armbands, all teams  and officials are wearing them as a mark of respect to the victims of the earthquake.

Christchurch’s home team, The Crusaders play in red and black, hence the decision.

There will also be a minutes silence before all games and flags are to be flown at half mast at the respective stadia.

The Crusaders were due to play the Hurricanes today, the match has been cancelled and a draw declared.

The Crusaders stadium has been badly damaged, their next 2 games have been rescheduled for Nelson while the authorities take stock.

Our thoughts will be with the people of Christchurch today.

Pushy parents – turning kids off sport?

According to newspaper reports this morning,  pushy parents can turn their children off sport for life. So what? Do we even care? Is it important that kids should try out and excel at some sports or is it all about churning out the next generation of national champions to boost patriotism?

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Today we were all Sowetans

Today the spirit of camradiership and togetherness flowed through the spirit and blood of the people of South Africa just as in 1995 (RWC) and 1996 (CAF), today we are a nation united.

The decision by the Blue Bulls management to play their remainingSuper14  games (a semi-final against the mighty NZ Crusaders) and today’s final (against the Cape Town based Stormers) at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto was a masterstroke.

We the sports loving people of South Africa were the winners, the football world cup is less than two weeks away, our football team had two very credible results this week (a draw with Bulgaria and a win against Columbia) Our cricketers are 3-0 up in a 5 match series against the Windies

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No sport?

Is nobody on this site interested in sport? (Well, I know Soutie and John Mackie are, but they need to be drawn out.) These are interesting times, but not a whisper here … it’s as bad as ‘the other place’.

First, did anyone watch Barcelona dismantle Arsenal on Tuesday? I’ve followed Arsenal since I was ten years old, but I’d have been disappointed had they knocked Barca out … the football that Xavi, Iniesta, Messi et al. play is so wonderful that I’d like to see them win every match. Man U v. Bayern was primitive in comparison.

It’s a pity Barca are up against Inter in the semis … it might have made a great final. No English clubs remain, whereas there were three in the semis last season … then it was presented as incontrovertible evidence that the Premiership is the greatest league in the world; now we see it was just part of the ebb and flow. Man U look a spent force, and the Ferguson era may finally be drawing to a close.

As for rugby, an exciting weekend is in prospect with the Heineken Cup quarter-finals. Leinster and Munster have tough ties, but at least they’re both at home. An entirely French/Irish semi-final line-up is not unlikely, in my opinion (only Northampton and Ospreys can prevent it, and they’re both playing away).

I’m looking forward to the weekend, starting with Leinster v. Clermont Auvergne tomorrow night. And looking forward to Barcelona v. Inter already.