Bok rugby jersey and ANC meddling

I've got one of these

While watching the anthems at tomorrow’s Boks v Wales match you may notice during the performance of our anthem some Bok supporters clutching either their right breast with their left hand, or clutching their left sleeve with their right.

Let me explain…

Our jersey for over a hundred years has looked like the one depicted on the left, Springbok emblem over the heart (it was combined with a Protea perhaps 10 years or so ago.)

Not good enough for the power crazed ANC government, they insisted that we ditch the Springbok and replace it with the Protea, as our cricketers and (I think) all other national sports have.

Our rugby board obviously had tremendous pressure placed on them by the politicians and agreed but in order to prevent full scale fall-out compromised by placing the Springbok on the other side. Still on the front but over the right breast! like this…

Worn during the last test against the ABs right here in Port Elizabeth

I often see supporters clutching their right breast during the singing of the anthems, most recently by a black S.African in the pub where I took my Diptych photographs, immediately prior to the August 20 All black test match, so there’s one in the eye for the ANC meddlers.

However, the IRB only allow 3 emblems on the front of rugby jerseys and during the world cup one of them has to be the RWC 2011 insignia, one the makers name and as explained above the third the country’s logo (in our case that ANC designated Protea!)

Realising that the Bokke can’t take to the field without a bok on their shirt our lot decided that win win was to place it on the sleeve, resulting in this…

So, when you see Bok fans clutching either their right breasts or left sleeves it’s not because they don’t know where their heart is nor have they had a heart transplant, it’s about tradition and giving the morons in Cape Town the middle finger!

And no, it isn’t win win for me, I won’t be ‘updating’ mine, I’m quite happy for the Springbok to retain its rightful place on my chest.

9 thoughts on “Bok rugby jersey and ANC meddling”

  1. Howzit Christopher

    We’ve had to live with all sorts of changes, some for the better, some make no difference and some for the worse. Would you believe that they’ve renamed towns and cities here and when they talk about the places (on the news for example) I’ve no idea where they are talking about!

    The thing with Springbok rugby is that it’s all privately owned, neither the government nor the S.A. Rugby Board own a single thing, not a single stadium, not even the trademark, all national rugby decisions have to be done by consensus (of sorts.)

  2. Interfering politics in sport, by bloody liberal scum. Wrong. The Boks are the Boks surely? Someone will be asking whether the All Balcks are racist next. Grrrr.

  3. At least the shirt is the right colour, unlike the England ones. No wonder the English were such rubbish yesterday!

  4. Soutie: yes, I’ve heard about some of the changed names. It is much like India. The government changes the names but the locals still use the old colonial names. One of my favourite, oft told, stories is that I once asked a family from India what their home town was. The wife said “Madras, but you might know it as Chennai”. Another Indian man talks a lot about “Bombay” and has to think for a minute when I say “Mumbai”. Back to the topic… Why is it that the ANC keeps getting away with this?

  5. Well then Christopher, where should I start?

    Suffice to say that the ANC with their overwhelming parliamentary majority can basically do whatever it feels like (within the framework of the ’93 constitution negotiated at Codesa.)

    They just fall short of the 67% majority needed to change the constitution but even if they had the 67% I doubt if they would. Our lot have got so used to the trappings of capitalism that most socialist (and communist) agendas were quickly thrown out of the window.

    So, in order to keep the electorate happy reasonably content we have ‘black empowerment’, ‘job reservation’ and so on. This of course includes slowly eroding all colonial references (they were after all ‘freedom fighters’) and replacing them with whatever will keep their electorate on their side. it is of course easier for them than actually improving the lives of black South Africans by building infrastructure, and by this I mean simple things, housing, sanitation, health / hospitals, transportation etc.

    Sometimes we had compromise, our ‘new’ flag and national anthem are fine examples but in the main they think that by changing what was / is dear to the Afrikaaner will earn them better headlines.

  6. Soutie: that doesn’t make for a very promising future for ZA. I’ve heard a few people predicting that over time the country could well begin splintering into smaller parts for that very reason.

  7. Ja well Christopher, that’s an opinion that even I have not heard before, my wife and I made a decision back in ’93 to stay and help the rebuilding process, we’re happy in fact there is nowhere in the world that we would rather be right now.

    This democracy is just 17 years old now, I have absolutely no doubt that there is a rosy future for all South Africans. We saw this year with our national regional elections that simple voting along ‘tribal’ lines or black v white if you will is slowly disappearing, that alone bodes well for the future.

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