Yuletide greetings

Today is the first day of the new year, sunwise that is. And today many Nordics start their family rituals. You know the kinda thing: cosy booze-ups, loadza grub, sibling rivalry, risk of DUI and a hangover lasting until 31st December. How we laugh!

Anyway in the best possible spirit of the season old Backside and I thank Β all of you for another sun-year of good company and stimulating thoughts to brighten our duller days. And we wish you health and contentment for the year ahead.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

8 thoughts on “Yuletide greetings”

  1. Happy Christmas, Janus and Backside. The weather today is decent enough. It’s cool but sunny. On Monday 4 inches of rain fell, yesterday about 2 inches fell. Tomorrow we are expecting anything from 4-12 inches of snow.

  2. Here in this former colony, a tropical, and, given the Oriel debate, a topical one at that, the weather is delightful. This country really is the best kept secret in the world.Though I should face the fact and admit that our days are getting shorter. In 6 months, we will only have 9 hours of sunshine a day. Despite that, I am cheered by the fact that there will be a full moon on the night of the 25th

    Happy Christmas to all.And to all evil white men (probably a tautology in current society) as they sit down to their Christmas repast, I say, ‘Born up a tree’.

  3. Looks like our cherished friends have all gorn orf for Krimble. Happy happy …….. πŸ·πŸ·πŸ»πŸΊπŸ—

  4. At 7:08 am you expect coherent responses, Janus? That’s uncivilised!

    A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all Charioteers.

  5. Surfacing, surfacing! Been doing a lot of entertaining.
    Doesn’t stop raining here either and cold with it, all mountains in view covered with snow and all passes closed today. A lot of people are not going to get where they wanted to be this side of the mountains and are having to stay home instead. Bit of a shame to have plans so utterly wrecked!

    Best festive wishes to you all.

  6. There was a power outage yesterday. After four inches of snow fell someone drove against a power line. The internet is still not restored over a hundreds-of-square-miles area with thousands of people slightly peeved. If it is not restored tomorrow, after regular hours resume, one can expect mobs of well-armed peasants to march on the IP company! The return drive yesterday was lovely, though. Despite the Sierra Nevada Mountains being obscured by dense clouds, the relatively low snowfall resulted in high hills turning white. Perhaps this weekend, it is supposed to be sunny again, the snow-capped Sierras will be visible. For several days a major California-Nevada highway was closed due to intense snowfall in mountain passes. The highest, I believe, was over 70 inches.Oh well, the roast was delightful, the Yorkshire pudding perfect and the potatoes flawless.

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